Franz Liszt was born on this day in 1811, revelations at Royal Albert Hall about Victoria and Albert (Oct 22, 2011), our first concert at Albert Hall Oct 22, 2010)


What you saw in an earlier post (Part 2 of 3 – see below) was the “official” description of Franz Liszt’s interesting life. But if you click on the link below, you will find out about a story behind the official story. For, five years ago, exactly 200 years since Liszt’s birth, I had a stunning revelation: I was Franz Liszt. This was one of my past incarnations. Here’s an excerpt:

“This is a story about the Gypsies and I. And about Liszt and I. It is also a tale about a Gypsy in you… in all of us. It may take a little shaking up, creating a little anarchy in your body, before you awaken the Gypsy in you. But when you do, you his/her cosmic spirits will make your soul dance with joy. Because happiness will not source from earthly realms.”

You can read about that momentous day and how the Spirit realm confirmed my intuition if you click here: GYPSIES, LISZT AND I –

And now here’s something even more fascinating which I realized only today – Oct 22, 2016. This is also the day I had a revelation in London about my lifetime as Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband and consort. In other words, Liszt and Albert were my PARALLEL LIFETIMES (just like Constantine and Theodosius 1,500 years earlier).

In fact, the two have met. More than once.

Right after Victoria’s marriage to Albert (in Feb 1840), Liszt gave a concert for the newlyweds at the Windsor Castle. And after Albert and Victoria’s firstborn daughter Victoria married Frederick III, the German Emperor (in 1858), Liszt also performed for both the British and German royalties at the court in Berlin. And he was received by Queen Victoria in April 1886, three months before his death. It was his first visit to London since 1841.

Of course, there is no indication that neither Albert nor Liszt realized that they were splits of the same soul of ALTZAR. Still, it was pretty bizarre to have one part of your soul write and perform music for the benefit of the other.

Prince Albert, by the way, was highly musically endowed. He founded the London School of Music which is still right next to Royal Albert Hall, one of the world’s greatest concert venues which Queen Victoria had built in 1871 memory of her late husband.

It is certainly no coincidence that my Albert and Victoria revelations took place on this day five years ago, as I stood right at the Royal Albert Hall, looking at the Prince Albert Memorial on one side, and the London (see the photos).

Nor is it a coincidence that on this same day six years ago – Oct 22, 2010 – Elizabeth and I attended our very first concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Such is the power of geomancy and spirit guidance.

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ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY… OCT 22 – Part 2 of 3



Born on this day in 1811 in the Hapsburg Kingdom of Hungary, Franz Liszt would go on to make a name for himself not only as an important composer in the Romantic era, but also as one of the greatest pianists who ever lived. In a career that spanned five eventful decades in classical-music history, his professional accomplishments alone would have made him a figure of historical significance, but his good looks and charisma, his effect on female audiences and his gossip-worthy romantic entanglements made him a figure somewhat larger than life. If it weren’t for the fact that rock and roll was still 140-plus years off in the future, it would be reasonable to call Franz Liszt the biggest rock star of his era.

Born to a musician father employed in the service of a Hungarian prince, Liszt learned piano by the age of seven and was recognized shortly thereafter as a budding virtuoso. His musical education, paid for by a group of Hungarian noblemen, took place in Vienna. It was in Paris during his teens and early 20s, however, that Liszt first gained widespread public attention as a performer. Though his stature as a composer continued to grow throughout his long career, his reputation as a pianist both preceded and exceeded it. Influenced most heavily not by another pianist but by the violinist Niccolò Paganini, Liszt developed a style that helped shape the future of piano technique, and he developed a following—particularly among women—that made him a massive concert draw throughout Europe at the height of his career in the 1840s and 50s. (It was no accident that director Ken Russell cast lead singer Roger Daltry of the Who in the role of Liszt in his 1975 film Lisztomania.)

Away from the piano, Liszt also conducted a number of high-profile and often controversial affairs over course of his career, beginning with a student who was also the daughter of high-ranking French government official and continuing through several famous dancers, a French countess and a Polish princess. Widely believed to have fathered many children out of wedlock, Liszt famously denied one such paternity claim by writing, “I know his mother only by correspondence, and one cannot arrange that sort of thing by correspondence.”

Franz Liszt died of pneumonia on July 31, 1886, in Bayreuth, Bavaria.

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October 22, 2011

New revelations well up at Royal Albert Hall, Albert Memorial in London


Intricate spirit guidance signs lead to several stunning intuitive revelations,

What you are about to read is another one of those, “oh, my God, I can’t believe what’s happening”-kind of stories.

So what was it? I realized that I used to be Prince Albert in one of my past lives, and that Elizabeth was Queen Victoria. The revelation was as stunning to me when it occurred yesterday (Oct 22, 2011) as I suspect it might be to you, too. Yet just as with my first Constantine intuition in late June, I feel it “to my bones” that this one is also true.

That’s partly because of the geomancy – of where it happened. I was standing between the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial in London yesterday morning. That was the “big bang.”

It’s also partly because of other intuitions that followed. The rest of the story was like weaving a tapestry with the help from my spirit guides who provided some intricate signs to follow.

Read more…

Also see, Also see… ALBERT AND VICTORIA REUNITED AT SEA (in 2013)

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This is a musical tapestry honoring the untamed Gypsy spirit on the day Franz Liszt was born (Oct 22, 1811). I recorded the in its entirety on my Clavinova at the Rainbow Shower in Maui. Most of this musical fabric came to me from the Spirit realm in dreamtime or daytime, mostly in early 2010.

Some of it is Liszt’s. Some of it is Brahms. Some of it is mine. I do not know which is which. I just played what came to me the way I heard it in my Third Ear.

I did not use ANY sheet music to create this musical tapestry. I just stitched the pieces together. Like a quilt. Enjoy!





Will Our Planet Survive?

SPIRIT GUIDES (in a May 14, 2012 channeling): 

  • The universe, are literally filled with DEAD PLANETS. As dead as Atlantis. As dead as other early civilizations on your planet.

  • What we are saying is that it is up to you and the next three to four generations to decide on the values that are most important, to decide whether or not groups of individuals living in nations can, in fact, live together in harmony.

  • The history of your planet does not give the Spiritual realm a great deal of optimism.


On this day in 2013, I published a chart from Wars in the World website ( that showed 60 armed conflicts raging on in the world. At the same time, I was being inundated with messages from various spiritual groups and channelers about the Earth’s ascension which would supposedly bring about peace and love around the planet. 

Clearly, that was not the case three years ago, and is even less so today. I just checked in again with that war-tracking website, and have found out that the number of wars and conflicts has actually increased since 2013.

Now, wars are raging in 68 countries around the world. There is also a staggering number of 728 regional conflicts going on at this time. Just the United States military are now involved in no less than 134 wars and conflicts ( – actually this data is as of 2014).

Ironically, we are technically not at war with any country. World War II was the last time Congress officially declared war. So much for the legality of congressional war making powers. The war hawks are clearly ruling the roost in America. And it doesn’t look that it’s going to get any better regardless of whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are elected president.

Which reminded me of things some my spirit guides had talked about as we entered 2012, the “doomsday” year as some “pundits” were predicting (see the Light Beings channeling Jan 3, 2012 –


Stewards of the Earth 

● ALTZAR: This is the term that first came to me last summer (2011) as “Shepherd of the Earth.”

● LIGHT BEINGS (LB): And that is a VERY, VERY APT description! [strong emphasis came through LB’s intonation of words]. And it is an important one right now. And it will be increasingly important not just in 2012, but in subsequent years as well. Because Stewards of this planet must step forward at this time. And they must write and educate and assist others in understanding why taking care of Planet Earth is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE.

● There is going to be much more of that (upheavals) in years to come, elsewhere. And you are to continue to highlight this. And not just in terms of, as we have said, with volcanoes, but with earthquakes, with floods, with massive natural disasters. That is Mother Earth’s way of not only cleansing the earth, but assisting the earth beings to get their priorities straight.


(an excerpt from a May 14, 2012 channeling –


  • Your planet is in one of those 25,000-year cycles. There is a huge transformation going on.
  • Your planet will be in a vastly different place 25,000 years from now – IF IT SURVIVES.
  • And the Spiritual realm is doing all it can (to save it), including asking volunteers from other dimensions, other celestial bodies, to participate in the evolution of your planet.
  • Because there is great concern whether or not your planet can, in fact, survive for another 25,000 years.
  • Your solar system and the many, many solar systems that make up your galaxy, and the thousands of galaxies that make up the universe, are literally filled with DEAD PLANETS. As dead as Atlantis. As dead as other early civilizations on your planet.
  • What we are saying is that it is up to you and the next three to four generations to decide on the values that are most important, to decide whether or not groups of individuals living in nations can, in fact, live together in harmony.
  • The history of your planet does not give the Spiritual realm a great deal of optimism.
  • And yet, the Masters of Wisdom who have incarnated in previous lifetimes on Earth are COMMITTED to work with those of you willing to help.