When I woke up this morning, I thought I would drive up to Sedona, meet with my longtime friend, a fellow-Inca shaman who actually helped steer me on that path many years ago, and then go out for an adventurous hike in the Red Rock country.

Well, “the best laid plans of mice and men…” Just as I was about to leave my Scottsdale home, I got a text from my friend saying the temperature in Sedona was 28F, and that it was cloudy with gusty winds. In other words, not exactly your ideal hiking weather.

So even for two people who had hiked in the High Andes at altitudes of 15,000 feet or higher, it just didn’t make sense that we should expose ourselves to such hardships when we didn’t have to. So we canceled our plans and agreed to do it again in the spring.


That was the end of one, and also a start of another adventure. At my request, my Sedona friend contacted (spiritually) the Santa Tierras (land spirits, the fairies, if you prefer) of my Maui property – the Rainbow Shower – to see what it would take to release me from physical bondage to that land.

Back in October, when my friend and I got together in Sedona, she had discerned from the Rainbow Shower fairies that my music is like food to them. So they don’t want to give it up. Which is why my property had not sold during the summer.

Ever since, I have been doing daily ceremonies for the Rainbow Shower fairies, trying to assure them that I would continue to play my music for them no matter where on this planet I may be. And to that end, I have just created a Musical Love Despacho for them – Mozart’s Romanze Andante – from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik:

 * * *


Anyway, this morning, my Sedona shaman-friend told me that the fairies wanted me to create a Music Despacho consisting of multi-colored stones, which I am to activate (with my music) and bury under a particular tree when I get back to Maui next week. And then they would release me.

Because that – the collection of stone, or “kullas” as we call them in the Inca shamanic tradition – would become the beacon through which they would receive my music as I travel around the world. (The latter is my interpretation of their request).

So instead of hiking in the Red Rock country, I went hunting for stones in Carefree and Cave Creek, Arizona.

And this is was the result…. a magnificent 12-stone Despacho, each depicting a different music note and healing qualities, and a centerpiece of a crystal which ties it all together and acts as the beacon.


And now, here are the spiritual properties of each stone I selected today. As my Sedona shaman friend said upon seeing this picture, “it’s already a symphony.” 🙂

As I do everything else in my life, I did it without thinking. Just following my intuition. All these revelations about their properties came later, after I had done some research about each stone.

And now, you can als see what this was all about.


* * *

UPDATE DEC 3, 2016


When I was hunting for the crystals with which to create my Rainbow Shower (Maui) Music Love Despacho Transceivers, I also bought a set of small crystals for no apparent reason. At least it was not apparent to me.

“Because they were there,” was probably the most accurate explanation. And they were not very expensive.


Eventually, I used three of those stones for the Maui Music Despacho Transceivers.

But today, during my morning meditation and incantations, I had revelation. I am to use those crystals the same way as my Maui one – activate them with my music, holy smoke and holy water, and bury them under an old Mesquite tree in my back yard, next to my Arizona altar (sacred fireplace) oracle, which I use every day for spirit guidance.

And so that’s what I did this morning. I placed both sets of Music Despacho transceivers sitting on my Clavinova, initialized them using the sage holy smoke and the holy water from Peru. Then I played live the full suite of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (12:20 minutes), which includes my Music Love Despacho – 2nd movement, Romanze Andante.

Finally, I repeated the charge by playing to my Music Despacho Transceivers the same full suite of Mozart’s music from a recording I made on Nov 30.

I plan to keep both sets on my Clavinova so they can also absorb other music I play every day. And then the day before I leave next week back to Maui, I will do a ceremony to bury the Arizona transceivers under the Mesquite tree. And then I will do the same at the Rainbow Shower in Maui, probably next weekend.

And that, hopefully, will make my beloved Santa Tierras happy, the land spirits, the fairies that live at both of my homes.

UPDATE DEC 7, 2016 – Crystals Music Despacho Activation #1


Today, I performed the final step of the activation of the Arizona music despacho crystal transceivers. After engendering again the Holy Smoke and the H0ly Fire in then, I buried them under the Mesquite tree next to my sacred place – the Eagle’s Nest Oracle.

Eagle's Nest Oracle Planetarium 2013-2016

 * * *

UPDATE DEC 11, 2016 – Crystals Music Despacho Activation #2


Fascinating Revelations about the Meaning of Brazilian Kyanite Stone I Received During My Desert Quest 2013 in Arizona

Today, Sunday, Dec 11, I woke up feeling this is the right day to complete the activation and burial of my Maui Music Crystal Transceivers. Two days before I left Arizona, on Dec 7, I did the same at Eagle’s Nest with my Arizona Music Crystal Transceivers (see

Little did I know that I would get a lot more than that; that almost the entire day will be spent in new revelations that took me well beyond just the intended crystal activation.

Kyanite Crystal from Desert Quest 2013

Even before I left Arizona, I was guided to include into the Maui Music Crystal Despacho when I get back to the Rainbow Shower. It was a very unique stone that I understood I was given for two reasons.altzar-la-amulet

First, because it looked like the letter “A” – for ALTZAR (right image). Second, because Kyanite is a crystal that goes with my future job in the spirit realm as Chogan of the First Ray, the Ray of Love, Will and Grace (see an excerpt from a June 45, 2013 channeling session about that).

But it was not until this morning that it dawned on me that this special amulet that I received 3.5 years ago actually shows a stylized “LA” symbol. The “L” for Lord (title of a Chohan) and Love (the first attribute of first ray souls), and the “A” for ALTZAR. Not until after I had sawed off the left line of the letter A to include it in the Maui music Crystal Despacho. I knew I had to keep the “A” but not why and what it meant.

 It was only after I had already completed the Maui Music Crystal activation and burial ceremony down at the gulch that all these revelations welled up in me, connecting the lines and events from March 2012 to Spring 2013 to December 2016.

Basically, Kyanite is a healing crystal that helps open up and balance the chakras. It also aids in development of spiritual and psychic gifts. And Kyanite calms the mind and allows one to go deep into the restful and relaxing state required for a totally relaxed meditative experience. All of which has been true in my case during the last 3.5 years even though I did not read about Kyanite spiritual properties until today.

 That is why I was guided today to make my Kyanite into an amulet and wear it on my body at all times for chakra balancing and protection against evil, danger or disease. This is  both for me and for my loved ones and friends. Like you, if you are reading these lines.

The fact that it is pictured here with the old Royal Hawaiian flag which I was wearing today is a “coincidence.” Of course, we all know that there are no coincidences.

This amulet is also an aid in “opening up pathways for others to follow to get to Shamballah,” as I was told in that June 5, 2013 channeling. And will also keep me connected to its severed part which is now buried within the Music Crystal Despacho at the sacred place of the Rainbow Shower in Maui.

Fascinating stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Maui Music Crystal Activation

Okay, so back to where we started this morning – the music crystal activation. It was lovely and emotional ceremony. As I had done in Arizona, I placed the crystals on my Clavinova and played some sweet tunes for the Santa Tierras of the Rainbow Shower (land spirits, the fairies).  It was mostly various Mozart pieces, like Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Turkish March and Symphony #40, plus my latest creation – Memories of the Alhambra and Anahata (see

The idea is that the crystals will act as fairy transceivers and will recognize my music from now on no matter where in the world I may play it.

Then I repeated the same thing on my Steinway concert grand. Not the same music, of course. Just the process of embedding it into the crystals.

At the end, I wrapped up the crystals in beautiful rainbow color Mestana (shaman’s sacred cloth in Quechua, the Inca language), and then trundled off down to the gulch, spade in hand, to bury them under the Christmas Berry tree which sits between the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu sacred place, the Rainbow Shower creek, and the footbridge which I built some 6 years ago.

And that was that. More later on some other things I discovered while I was down in the gulch.


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