UPDATE FEB 3, 2017


I learned my lesson yesterday. In a painful way. Still, I consider myself lucky. It could have been much worse. I could have been badly injured. Or even killed.

So last night I gave my spirit guides thank for my injury. And a pledge that I will never ever ignore their warnings.

So what happened?

Yesterday morning, Groundhog Day 2017, I emailed Elizabeth saying I was about to go town to the gulch to cut some Christmas Berry tree limbs that are blocking the light to the grass around the foot bridge and the burial place of my Music Crystal Transceivers. I told her not to worry because I was not planning to use any power tools.

What I did not tell her that these branches pretty thick and about 12-15 ft high off the ground (at the point where I cut them).

 Two hours later, and three pounds lighter, this is what I wrote to her:

“Well I spoke too soon. i did sustain an injury – at the very end of my pole saw work. The far end of the long pole saw snapped out of the base I was holding, and crashed my right shoulder, right on the rotator cuff.”

Which has been my chronic problem for years. That’s the shoulder on which I had rotator cuff surgery in 2005. And I had re-injured it on my riding mower here in 2011. And I again injured it at this very spot last year, when my foot with slipped off a rock while I was filling a bucket to water the plants. I fell into the creek and my right shoulder hit a rock.


Considering that this is where flood waters had also washed away my foot bridge three times in the last two years, I figured last fall that my spirit guides and the Santa Tierras (land spirits – fairies) were giving me a message: STAY AWAY FROM THIS AREA.

I said as much to Elizabeth and to my shaman-friend Heather in Sedona when we met in October.  Yet here was, on Groundhog Day 2017, testing my fate again. And finding out the hard way how unrelenting the spirit guides are in what they expect of us.


My spirit guides had already given me one gentle warning. Some of the branches I had cut had fallen into the creek. To get them out without getting my feet wet, I had stepped on this boulder you now see in the creek. At the time, only a part of it was sticking out of the riverbank. So I figured I was on solid ground.

I was wrong. Because the boulder rolled out of its hole and into the creek, taking my foot with it. I was not injured. But my right leg was soaked to the knee.

Yet I never considered this a gentle warning at the time. I just went on with my planned sawing work. And it was hard work cutting the limbs the size of my leg so high up. No wonder I lost nearly 3 pounds before I was done.

I had already cut three big limbs and was working on the fourth. It was the last and the smallest one.  But quite high.

As I had cut the final strand, the branch fell down from about a 15 ft height. To avoid being, I stepped aside. As I did that, the pole part of the pole saw snapped out of the handle I was holding and crashed on my right shoulder.


I still had to go on with the chainsaw work on the ground to cut up the limb into smaller pieces. And then haul them away across the Giraffe bridge into the jungle. And I also polished Anuenue when I got back up to the house.

It was hours later that I realized just how lucky I was. Because look at what was attached to the top of the pole that hit my shoulder. Had I not stepped aside to avoid the branch hitting me, I would have been hid by this saw blade across my head or neck, falling like a guillotine from 15 ft high.

I guess it wasn’t my time yet. That’s why my spirit guides were so gentle with me. A day later, my shoulder is a little sore but otherwise quite functional. So I wrote to Elizabeth:

“See what happens when you don’t listen to your spirit guides? They don’t let up until you show them you’ve learned your lesson and make a change in your behavior.”

Lesson learned. Never to be forgotten again.

By the way, this is also the area in which I found my ram horn the day before.  So I know that this is where the divine and land spirits are particularly active.

Which is why I thought you may appreciate it, too, although some people learn only from their own mistakes. And some never do. Still… there’s a chance.



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