St Vitus Day Sign 2017


SCOTTSDALE, June 28, 2017 – While I was doing my morning meditations and incantations, which is what I do every day, something quite extraordinary happened.

Today, June 28, I focused my meditation and prayers on St Vitus Day and the Battle of Kosovo. No sooner had I started, my meditation interrupted by loud bird noises. As I opened my eyes, I saw two blackbirds (crows) flying overhead from east to west. And then a third one, a few seconds later.

This has never happened before. I shook my head in disbelief, and made a mental note about that sign as a spirit connection to Kosovo. (As a shaman, I have seen a number of times in the Peruvian Andes mountain spirits materializing in the form of birds).

Also, “kos” in Serbian means a “blackbird.” And Kosovo is known as a Field of Blackbirds.


So was it a “coincidence” that three blackbirds flew overhead as I started my prayers about St Vitus Day and Kosovo?

Well, we shamans know that there is no such thing as a “coincidence,” only signs which our guides put before us.

As if to confirm this, after I went back to my meditation, no more than a minute or two later, I heard the same bird calls. I opened my eyes and looked up. Two blackbirds flew directly overhead, some 20 ft or so above my head, this time flying from west to east.

“The same two?” I was wondering.

And the third one followed them, also from west to east.

By now, I started to anticipate their third pass – from east to west, of course. And so it happened. About a minute or so later.


Clearly, my spirit guides heard my St Vitus Day prayers this morning. They acknowledged them by aviary overflights, like air force tipping their wings in salute to the memory of the Battle of Kosovo.

Three blackbirds, three times. No mistake there. A sign of Trinity.

I then went on to do my laps in the pool. It was 7 AM when I finished.


(June 28, 1389 was a Sunday)


Today is June 28, St. Vitus Day. Vidovdan, as the Serbs call it. It is a momentous, history-changing day, both for the Djurdjevic family and the Serbian people.

It was on this day in 1389 that some 30,000 Serbian knights and soldiers tried to stop the Islamic Ottoman army of 40,000, led by Sultan Murad, from invading their land and Christian Europe. My ancestors were among them (see the map).

The bulk of both armies were wiped out in the battle. Both Lazar and Murad lost their lives in it. The Ottomans suffered high casualties which delayed their progress. The Serbs were left with too few men to effectively defend their lands, while the Turks had many more troops in the east. Consequently, one after the other, the Serbian principalities became Turkish vassals in the following years.

This plunged Serbia into nearly 500 years of slavery under the Ottoman Turks.

June 28, St. Vitus Day, is also an important day in modern history. On this day in 1914, a Serb patriot assassinated the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Bosnia, an event which marked the start of World War I. Austria and Germany declared war on Serbia. England and France allied with Serbia. And The Great War was under way.


The surviving Serbian noblemen left the battlefield with Queen Milica and settled in what is today northern Montenegro (see the map). Some of my Djurdjevic ancestors were among them.

As a result, there is today Djurdjevic Mountain and the Djurdjevic Tara river in that part of northern Montenegro. I visited them three years ago, to lay a Despacho there before my first Inca shamanic ordination (see Montenegro: Answering a Mountain Call, May 2008).
Djurdjevica Tara bridge

Montenegro5_09_08 099

During that visit, I discovered that my ancestors built a small church in the early 1400s on the right bank of the Djurdjevic Tara river. They named it Archangel Michael monastery (see my 2011 connection to Archangel Michael below).

St Vitus Day Sign 2011

HAIKU, Maui, June 28, 2011 – I got another sign this morning when I drew a card from my Mystic Medicine Deck. I had asked the spirits for guidance about this story and for this St. Vitus Day prior to pulling it. And the card I drew was the TRUTH! Here’s a message it contained from Archangel Ariel:

“Archangel Ariel stands without judgment. She urges you to do the same. Allow compassion and forgiveness for yourself and your innocence. “See” with your heart. You know when something doesn’t feel right and use it as your barometer. The more you speak the Truth from the heart, the more you can connect with others’ Truths. Your personal Truth is as it resonates within. Let your innate Truth kindheartedly rule supreme in all you say and do.”


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