I don't know when in my youth I must have first heard Johann Strauss' "Geschichte aus dem Wiener Wald" (Stories from Vienna Woods). But the music came alive again during our stay in Vienna, especially in the neighborhood of Neustift am Walde. As Elizabeth is my witness, ever since we got to Vienna on June 5, and settled in our wonderful country inn in Vienna woods and vineyards, I just could not stop hearing practically Johann Strauss’ wonderful waltz “Stories from Vienna Woods.” It has been with me practically 24/7. Even when I wake up at night, I find myself creating my new arrangement on a Clavinova. So for the last several weeks, I have been trying to reconstruct this waltz from memory, without using any sheet music. And last night (July 5), I recorded my own version of it, including a new orchestration which is a little different from that originally ascribed to Johann Strauss. But the core and the spirit of the piece is the same.