From my Dreams Journal: IBM AND CHOPIN

From my Dreams Journal


Last night (Feb 11), I had another very detailed dream about my work as a consultant for IBM. I even still remember the visuals I used in a presentation I was making to a group of executives.

But what I recall most vividly was the Chopin music that accompanied or followed that dream. It was one of his waltzes.

Later on when I awoke, it listened to about 19 Chopin waltzes and figured out that it was actually two waltzes:

Waltz in E-minor, which was published posthumously –

(Arthur Rubinstein)

…and in another part of the dream…

Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 in C# minor –

(Yuji Wang)


INTERPRETATION: During my research into this dream, I also downloaded the music for five (for me) new Chopin waltzes which I will try to learn to play. Some of them sound very familiar, so I may have played them as a teenager.

Looks like Chopin and Beethoven are becoming dominant music guides for me in the last 12 months. I am actually getting ready to work on a Chopin-inspired ballet video.

Sorry, Her Mozart. You and Master Tchaikovsky have had your run for quite a few years. Or maybe you guys are all working together and taking turns in bringing me up a notch or three on my music ladder?   That’s most likely what’s happening.

​And what do IBM and Chopin have in common? Beats me. Maybe they were two separate dreams that I fused into one after I woke up?​




A month ago I had a dream in which Chopin’s Waltz in E minor figured prominently (see From My Dream Journal, Feb 11, 2018). So I decided to try to play it. It is not yet ready for recording but it has been with me every day in the last month since that dream.

Meanwhile, I have found out that Chopin’s Waltz in E minor was probably composed circa 1830, but was not published until 1851, two years after the famous composer’s death. Nobody knows why not. It was the first of Chopin’s posthumously published waltzes not to be given an opus number.

I have no idea why that particular mysterious waltz came to me in a dream. Perhaps it was because in 1830, the year he is believed to have composed it, Chopin left his native Poland forever as I left my native Yugoslavia in 1970.


But unlike me, Chopin did not realize at the time that he was leaving for good. For, by the time he had reached Vienna, news reached him of the Polish uprising against Russian rule. This event, added to the disturbed state of Europe, caused him to remain in Vienna until the following July, when he decided to make his way to Paris. Which is where his creativity blossomed.


What I do know about this waltz s that when I was playing it today, I was suddenly seeing quite vivid images of Dance on Water. Or more accurately, Dance OF Water.  Like an ocean or a lake. So I decided to make this film using Arthur Rubinstein’s soundtrack until my own version of the waltz is good enough for a recording.


Chopin Waltz in E minor (with Arthur Rubinstein soundtrack) – DANCE ON WATER – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – March 10, 2018



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