Over seven years ago, Elizabeth and I saw a French film – “L’AMANT” (THE LOVER) – with a heart-rending end, accentuated by Chopin’s waltz Op 69. No. 2.  I was so moved by it that I immediately set out to learn to play it. And I named it Valse d’Amour (Love Waltz). Two weeks later, I also recorded it (see below).

Now, as part of my CHOPINIANA suite, I recorded the waltz again on my “new and improved” Steinway. And also with a “new and improved” title – VALSE DES AMANTS (Lovers’ Waltz).

Here it is, along with some clips from the movie that inspired me to play it…

CHOPIN: VALSE D’AMOUR OR VALSE DES AMANTS – a musical creation by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic inspired in September 2010 by the French film “L’Amant” (The Lover).

Some still shots from the recording session


Haiku, Maui – Oct 13, 2010 – Here’s a recording of the “Valse d’Amour” (Waltz of Love) –  my name for it.  Chopin’s historians call it Waltz Op 69, No 2.

The piece was inspired by a wonderful French movie we saw on Sep 29 – “L’Amant” (“The Lover,” 1992), based on Marguerite Dumas’ autobiographical book about Vietnam circa 1929.

It was also inspired by Elizabeth’s “Quilt of Love.”  Chopin provided wonderful musical backdrop that tied all these stories together, like a Quilt of Love.  And I then stitched together all these different art forms into a short film.  Enjoy!





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