Facebook, Twitter shares tank in light of Cambridge Analytica exposé

Establishment duplicity: When Facebook ‘allowed’ Obama campaign to mine data in 2012, mainstream media, stock market cheered

Facebook and Twitter both took a beating on the stock market today. By early afternoon, Facebook had lost about $60 billion, or over 11% since its closing price on Friday. Twitter dropped by over 10% or $2.4 billion.


I would like to think it was because I quit Facebook on Feb 3, and Twitter in mid-2017. 🙂

“Why should I waste my time and emotional and intellectual capital on a platform which will eventually self-destruct and collapse?” – I wrote at the time {see I QUIT! – Feb 3, 2018 – https://wp.me/p1jFeo-2sd).

And now, Facebook has started doing just that – “self-destruct and collapse.”

Levity aside, the real reason both stocks are now tanking is actually the same as that which had caused me to quit them both. They sold our their users. They became  establishment whores, spying on and censoring its customers, while serving the interests of government and corporate advertisers.

In short, they killed their golden goose in pursuit of more gold. Greed 101!

This brouhaha broke out after the disclosure last week by a Facebook whistleblower that the firm Trump campaign used for data mining during the 2016 election – Cambridge Analytica – absconded with some 50 million Facebook user profiles while the social media giant looked the other way.

At first, Facebook lamely denied that it had any knowledge of it. But subsequent firsthand testimony by an ex-Facebook insider proved the company was lying and being dishonest in addition to greedy.

Sandy Parakilis, the platform operations manager at Facebook responsible for policing data breaches by third-party software developers between 2011 and 2012, confirmed that such covert data harvesting was routine at the social networking giant.

Parakilis told the Guardian he had warned senior Facebook executives that its lax approach to data protection risked a major breach says numerous companies deployed these techniques – likely affecting hundreds of millions of users – and that Facebook executives told him to look the other way.

“They felt that it was better not to know, Parakilis said. “I found that utterly shocking and horrifying.” (for more, see… https://goo.gl/jixJKi).


‘They were on our side’: Facebook ‘allowed’ Obama campaign to mine data

The Facebook-Twitter debacle also exposed the hypocrisy and duplicity of the liberal mainstream media. As you saw, Parakilis said that harvesting of user data for profit and political gain was common practice at Facebook as far back as 2011-2012.

It turns out that the social media giant had allowed Barack Obama campaign to do the same thing in 2012 as what the Trump campaign is being vilified for.

Carol Davidsen, former director for media analytics for Obama’s 2012 campaign, has poured oil onto the fire by reveling in a series of tweets that Facebook allowed them to do “things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do.”

That reportedly included “suck[ing] out the entire social graph” – an individual’s network of friends on Facebook – in a bid to target more and more potential voters through friends’ friends on social media.

For more, see… https://on.rt.com/91gw


Feb 3, 2018

I quit! J’arrête! Lo dejo! Уходить в отставку!

So that’s it. I am quitting Facebook. Ironically, it’s happening a few hours after they had released me from my latest stint in the FB jail. Oh well, at least now more people will find out that I quit and why.

Nine (9) years and three (3) months has been a good ride. I learned a lot. But now it’s time to forget and move on.


One thing I learned is that a Facebook “friend” is not necessarily the same as a real life friend. Here’s why not…

As of right now, Feb 3, 2018, I supposedly have 4,630 FB “friends.”  Guess how many bother to reply to my yesterday’s “QUIT FACEBOOK?” post as of this morning?

Three (3) directly. And three (3) through various groups I had founded for a total of six (6). Six out of 4,630! That’s 0.13%. In other words, only one (1) out of 772 of my DB “friends” cares whether or not I stay or go.

And I am not even counting here the 25,656 “friends” I have in the three groups I manage who also had a chance to see my yesterday’s post.


So what does that say? To me, it says, that APATHY and INDIFFERENCE reign supreme on Facebook as they do elsewhere in America (see my Nov 2014 election column – DISGUST & APATHY: BIG WINNERS IN 2014 ELECTIONS).


Freedom, including the freedom of speech, is disappearing in America faster than a piece of cheese in a rat’s mouth. The US Constitution has become a dead letter, something that both our government and large corporations can trample at will.

FB cover freedom of speech

Yet, most people just shrug and carry on. Hoping for miracles? Or just that “crocodile would eat them last?” as Winston Churchill put it in reference to Hitler appeasers in 1938.


As you saw from my yesterday’s post, I have been teeter-tottering on the decision to leave FB for over 4 years now. I was hoping things might get better. Instead, they’ve gotten worse. FB is abusing the trust of its customers. No wonder 60% of Facebook users are spending LESS time now “socializing” on it.

There is one absolute right every customer has: LEAVE. The right to QUIT. And the only thing businesses like FB react to is a loss of user base. Trust me on that. When I ran my own business, I used to consult for top executives of major multinational computer companies.

I am not frustrated or angry. Just pragmatic in how and where I want to spend my time. FB is not the only game in town. So why should I waste my time and emotional and intellectual capital on a platform which will eventually self-destruct and collapse?

UPDATE 2 – APR 11, 2018


As Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg testified on Capitol Hill for the first time, an unnerving sight greeted visitors outside: an “army” of 100 life-sized cutouts of the CEO.

The display was meant to protest “disinformation” ahead of the tech giant’s congressional hearing. The campaign organized by Avaaz, a global activist group, featured 100 cutouts of Zuckerberg wearing a t-shirt that said “fix Fakebook.”

For more, see… ‘Army’ of 100 Zuckerberg cutouts protests Facebook CEO on Capitol Hill https://fxn.ws/2qnQx97



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