Coming out of a dream this Sunday morning (May 6), I heard some music that I thought at first was Tchaikovsky’s. It sounded like a dance, like the Nutcracker ballet. But I knew it was not the Nutcracker.

On my drive to Prescott and Sedona, just as I was comping up to the Sunset Point on the I-17 north, I heard the same music being played on KBAQ classical music radio station in Phoenix.

I was stunned. Such serendipity!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention to what the announcer said the piece was before it started.

So I pulled right off the highway and on my iPhone looked up the KBAQ play list for this day.

And here it is:

1:22 PM – Edvard Grieg – Peer Gynt Suite #1 Op 46
Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
Neeme Jarvi, conductor
Pro Musica Chamber Choir
Deutsche Grammophon 427 807-2
(This is the full Peter Gynt suite – Anita’s Dance starts at 9:00 min)

Wow! The last time I received a download of Grieg’s music was on Aug 9, 2011 in Hawaii as part of my Constantine revelations: “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” also from Peter Gynt.

Here’s how it came to me on Aug 9, 2011:

AUG 9, 2011
I remember two dreams as I wake up.
In the first one, I am either on a boat or swimming, but I am definitely in the ocean and observing the action.  Looks like there are boats and sailboats coming out of the harbor, sailing around a little island which partially blocks my view until they emerge again on the other end.  They are all heading to some well known tourist destination.
Very close to me, there is also a floating dock for people who want to catch a bigger boat to go to the same destination.  There is a line of the people waiting to get on the deck of the dock.  Some are even standing on the stairs that go from the water level to the deck. What’s odd about it is that all these people had to come to the dock in little boats.  They look like inflatable rafts that seat one or two people.  Then they drop anchor before climving the stairs to go up to the deck.
In the second dream, I am sitting in the back of an office which looks like a store or a bar with a good friend. I am the owner of the place. My wife is working behind the counter.  She is in front of us.  I am not sure what kind of work she is doing as her back is turned to us.  Then a man walks in and starts to talk to her.  I do not like him.  I suspect that he is on a fishing expedition trying to get some information from my wife. So I move up into the area where she is and sit at a table behind her. Then I say to the man, “so you’re chatting up my employees, huh?” He seems a little embarrassed when he sees me and realizes that I have heard what he had been saying to my wife.
Also, as I wake up I am aware of the name Siddiqi Ray and the face of that young woman. I am also hearing oriental music.  I think it’s Khachaturian. I will have to research youtube to see what it is.
{LATER IN THE DAY… I learned that the music was actually “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edward Grieg, from his “Peter Gynt” suite.]
AUG 12, 2011
When I woke up this morning around 4AM, the Song of My Soul was playing  (Bedřich Smetana: Má Vlast Moldau (Vltava) 
 –  I had a feeling of being in nature.  Everything was green and happy.  What came to me as I became conscious was that “this is the Song of Creation.”
When I woke up again and got up at 7AM, Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” was playing again.  I know now that it meant. It was time to go to the Hall of God and create again.  And the first thing that my guides co-created with me, is the full meaning of my upcoming Constantine Journey.  They added two new parts to it since last night: York and Nicomedia.  And now I understand: 
The journey is both a funeral procession and a victory march. At each stop, the emperor is being buried, and the shaman arising.

Per Gynt Norwegian Fairy Tale

So I resolved to do more research on Peter Gynt when I get back home from this trip. And here’s what I found:

“Per Gynt was a hunter from Kvam in Norway. He rescues three dairy-maids from trolls and shoots the Bøyg, a troll which takes the form of a gigantic serpent and stands as a hindrance to travelers.” (

“Sounds like Saint George, doesn’t it?” I thought immediately.

And today is Saint George Day, Djurdjev-day in Serbian, one of my family’s patron saints. 🙂

So is that why I received this Grieg musical download? It all adds up, doesn’t it? Perfect synchronicity!


Here’s the ballet version of Anita’s Dance by famous Russian ballerina Kulagina:

So it was a dance, after all, though not by Tchaikovsky. And it did have a Russian connection.

You can see the Peer Gynt full ballet performance here (2 hrs)

Ballet and the orchestra of Teatro Municipal de Santiago.  Choreography- Marcia Haydée. Conductor – Konstantin Chudovsky



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