Communing with the Holy Mountains in Peru


Notes re. Conversations with Spirits, Session #1

with Don Santiago, an Altomesayok, holding the sacred space

MARAS, Peru, June 1, 2009 – About a dozen or so winged spirits showed up for our first session with them.  It was hosted by Apu Illimani de Bolivia, the benefactor spirit of Don Santiago’s mesa, the Altomesayok who called on the spirits to come to us.  Among some prominent ones I remember were Apu Salcantay (the #11 highest mountain in the Peruvian Andes), Apu Ausengate (the #6 highest), Apu Pachatusan, etc.  There were also two or three female earth spirits – Santa Tierras.

Keep in mind, that the mountain spirits come from the dimensions that cannot sustain a physical form in the density of the planet earth’s light.  So all these proceedings are taking place in a completely blacked out room, analogous to the old-fashioned “dark room” for photo processing.

First, the Apus gave us all a warm welcome.  They acknowledged some of the shamans who have been here before by their names.  As Apu Illamani examined our mesas, he said he was impressed with their quality. 

“This is obviously a very high level group of shamans,” he said.  “I can feel your positive energies and your warm and open hearts.  I can see that there are some very powerful leaders among you.”

Then the Apu’s blessed our mesas with Holy Water and and (re)initiated them with their crystals.

Apostles, “Beacons of Light:” As the Apus made their introductory remarks at the start of our ceremony, they told us that we have been selected to receive teachings from them not just to heal ourselves, but to be the “beacons of light” who will take what we received here back to our land, and spread it among the people and the land where we live. 

“You are the modern-day apostles,” the Apus said.  “You must heal yourselves first, and then your communities and the lands and oceans.”

Our PilgrimageIn answer to Jose Luis’ question, the Apus said that they have selected the destination for our pilgrimage and initiation.  We are to go do Intipunku, which is an old mountain altar which faces Waika Willka, the second tallest mountain in the Andes.  They said that the land there hasn’t been fed (with love) in a long time, and that it would be good both for us and the land to experience that.

Grid of Creation and Ceke Lines: Judy asked the first question about reactivation of “ceke” lines.  Marty followed it up with a question of her own, adding the reference to the “grid of creation.”

The Apus replied that there are many parts of the world in which the “grid of creation” (the “ceke” lines are a part of it) has gone dormant because the people stopped caring for the land or the oceans, lakes and rivers.  They added that we (the shamans) can awaken the Apus in our lands by feeding the land with our Despachos and prayers.

Healing the Oceans: Peter, a shaman from Denmark, said that he is a part of the group of people who are planning to heal (cleanse) the oceans on Oct 16 of this year.  He asked for guidance and help from the Apu’s. 

The exchanges back and forth on that topic took probably 10 mins or so.  The net of it was that the Apus would help Peter and his group by showing up to him in his dream and giving him guidance.  They will also be present on Oct 16 to help the process of cleansing the oceans.

What I found the most interesting was that one Apu said to Peter that he would show himself to him in a dream looking like a soldier.  And the other Apus will appear as condors.

That was a new revelation to me.  So the dreams are not “random,” as most of us think.  They are carefully orchestrated “productions” by Celestial Hollywood. And the spirits act as both screenwriters and actors.

OtherThere were also two or three other questions and answers, but they did not appear noteworthy to me.

Conversations with Spirits, Session #2

with Don Sebastian, an Altomesayok, holding the sacred space

MARAS, Peru, June 2, 2009 – This celestial town hall meeting was longer and more meaty than yesterday’s.  The biggest part of it focused on our upcoming journey.  The Apus spelled more details about the rites and ceremonies that we will need to go through, including the cleansing in a glacial lake and under a glacial waterfall.

At the end, there was only time for one question.  This writer asked it.  It had to do with what we can expect after Dec 21, 2012.

Our MissionThe Apus again reiterated how impressed they were with the spirit that they see in us who are about to undertake the Altomesayok journey. They repeatedly assured us that they will be with us every step of the way, appearing as clouds or birds (just as I had experienced before, in Arizona and in Hawaii).

I did not bother to retain all the details of the upcoming rites and initiation ceremonies.  After all, I’ll be going through them anyway. Instead, I went into a deep meditation, logging in into, as I called it in my earlier celestial journeys (see Astral Journeys with Chandra, Mar 2009).  The Celestial Hollywood, or God’s Productions, made by movies made in the tinsel town as child’s play by comparison.

It was a fantastic journey, composed of scenes from numerous past lifetimes.  It was very colorful, very beautiful.  At times, it was like a kaleidoscope of images.  There was no music, except for my awareness of the spoken words in the background.  Occasionally, I saw the Apus as shimmering white images against a black backdrop.

Extinction of AltomesayoksOne of the Apus talked about the upcoming extinction of the Inca Altomesayoks, which he estimated would be in seven years (by 2016). But he felt that Altomesayoks from other parts of the world, such as ourselves, would take over and start to create connections with the spirits and people in their home lands.

Order of Worship. One of the Apus was critical of Christianity. He suggested we should take Christ down a notch or two.

“Priests and some people put Christ first, which is wrong.  First you should first pray to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), then to the Apus (mountain spirits), then to Christ.” 

That’s the correct order of worship and importance in the spirit world.

Later a female spirit Santa Tierra Saramamba [sic?] reiterated the same point.  “We (female earth spirits) came before the Apus,” she said.

My 2012 QuestionWhen Jose Luis finally opened the floor for question after conversing one-on-one with the Apus for probably more than an hour, I said I had a general and a personal question.  I never got to ask the personal, as Jose Luis cut off the dialogues at that point. 

After thanking the Apus for taking the time to teach us and share with us the wisdom of the ages, for which they thanked me, my general question was that, “much has been said and written about 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar.  What can we really expect after Dec 2012?”

Apu Illimani de Bolivia spoke first, followed by Apu Urumay [sic?].  The essence of what Apu Illimani said was that there will be transformations, and that we can expect significant “meteorological changes.”

Apu Urumay elaborated and expanded on that answer.  He said that much of the outcome depends on us.  If we live in fear, we might suffer.  But if we take charge and step up to the plate as leaders in the transformation, then we should have nothing to fear.  And if our leaders get together on a salvation plan for the planet, that will help, too.

Then he added that there will be “disasters” around the world. But he did not elaborate on where and what kind of disasters.

June 14, 2018: Now in hindsight, here’s what comes to mind in terms of big natural disasters since 2009. Actually, in comparison to historical records, this period has been relatively quiet on this planet.

2010 Haiti earthquake 160,000 dead January 12, 2010

2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami – Japan – 18,000 dead – March 11, 2011

2,500 dead 2015 Indian heat wave India 2015
2015 Pakistan heat wave Pakistan 2015

1,718 dead

2010 Japanese heat wave – 2010

Turning to me personally, Apu Urumay added, “I see that you, Bob, (from my luminous body?) that you are well on your way in your personal preparations for 2012.  So you have nothing to fear if you stay on that path.”

Conversations with Spirits, Session #3

with Don Armando Salvatori, an Altomesayok, holding the sacred space

MARAS, Peru, June 8, 2009 – This was our first session after returning from the mountains around 1:30PM today, where we received the Rites of Passage yesterday at Intipunko (Gateway to the Sun), an ancient Inca altar at 12,300 ft that faces Waika Wille. 

Even though tomorrow is the day of the annual pilgrimage at Quollyoriti (Snow Star), where hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are supposed to show up in bitterly cold weather, more than a dozen Apus attended our session today.  Among the names I remember were, Huascaran, Ausengate, Wakai Willke  or Nevada Veronika, Waini Wakai Willke, Waini Ausengate, Salcantay, Pachatusan messenger, Huamantay, Santa Tierra (earth spirit) for Maras, Santa Tierra de Cusco, etc. 

The tone of our conversation was celebratory.  For a while, it felt like a post-graduation party at which the 18 newly-baked Altomesayok apprentices were the toasts.  Then we got down to business…

Blessings. All Apus blessed us and congratulated us on completing our journey.  Then Salcantay, who was in charge of the mesas, blessed and initiated all our mesas.  Later, Huascaran did the same thing.  Ausengate was particularly sweet to us and told us that he has been hearing our prayers and will continue to watch out for and protect us.

How to call the spiritsApu Huascaran (see photo on right), then told us how to call him into our mesas…

  • We can do it every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (“his office hours,” I joked later).
  • Just before 11:50AM (presumably Central/Peru time; 6:50AM HI time), we should place our kullas into a white container filled with water that has not seen sun (meaning, we have to pour it in before sunrise and then cover it).
  • We should leave the kullas in that container so his energy can work on them till 12:30PM (Central; 7:30AM HI time).
  • Then we should place the kullas in the sun, facing east, so that they can be charged with sun’s energy.
  • We should also occasionally smoke them using myrrh and palo santo (Peruvian incense… I brought some home).

How to heal someone else. Follow this procedure…

  • Boil water in a white container and place two charged kullas in it.
  • Holding the two charged kullas afterward, call on Huascaran with our prayers and direct their healing energy to the particular person.
  • Have the person drink the water from the container.

How to heal yourselfOpen your mesa, and call on the Apus and ask for a healing of a particular issue that you may have with your body.

How to call for protection while travelingUsing our mesas, call on the spirits in the destination of our travels and ask for their protection while we are there.  Also call on the Apus of the home location and those in the Andes so they can also help.

Water in Maras. Santa Tierra for Maras said that we should place … in the four corners or the property.  “And then we’ll see what we can do to help,” she said.

GoodbyesI collected two caps and an Inka Cola bottle from which the Apus drank.  I also drank that Inka Cola.  They all departed by saying their “ciao ihos” (ciao sons).  There were visible cracks in the wall through which they entered afterward.

A Personal Reading (of Coca Leaves) by Adrielle

URUBAMBA, Peru, June 8, 2009 – He read the following for me from his coca leaves:

  • That my wife will follow me and become a healer/shaman.
  • That the volcano Apus (in Hawaii) are waking up and I should call them and work with them. 
  • That I am protected by the Apus in the Andes, especially a “young Apu.”  They want me to take their message to the Apus of the volcanoes.
  • There will be volcano eruptions in the Philippines or Hawaii this year, probably Nov/Dec.
  • That I can call on all the Apus, and over time, they will assign an Apu as the Director of my mesa.
  • That as a writer, I have to be careful whom I let read my articles on spiritual matters. Not all people are ready for it and some may abuse it.  They can be used by government agents for spying, for example.  But if I do it gradually, step by step, I can enlighten and educate people about the Apus and elevate them spiritually.  I told him that that’s something I have been doing already by protecting the privileged information by user id/password.

Conversations with Spirits, Session #4

with Don Armando Salvatori, an Altomesayok, holding the sacred space

MARAS, Peru, June 9, 2009, Noon – This morning, we were to have our second session after returning from the mountains.  Before that, however, we had a group discussion while sitting in a circle on the Maras lawn.  Jose Luis spoke first…

Group meeting before Session.  Jose Luis urged us to exercise “fluidity” as a state of being while we integrate the benefits of our Altomesayok journey and the Rites of Passage over the next 90 days or so.

“Do not spend much time with the broken ones in your life,” he said.  “Bring them into your mesa (so the spirits can help them), but stick yourself to higher levels of energy.”

“Right now, you are a magnet of great polarity,” he added.  “You want to ‘mate’ your energy with people who are of similarly high caliber.”

Our despachos are to maintain our ayni (alignment) with the Apus. Our mesas are now charged that can tap into the forces of the universe so we can do the healing without words.

Then Jose Luis asked an interesting rhetorical question:  “What’s the symbology of your soul?”  The soul is timeless.  It exists beyond time, he added.

I asked a question that has been on my mind for a long time.  “Is there a finite number of souls in the universe?” (like an inventory in a soul warehouse from where the Creator picks the ones that are to have another run at getting rid of their karma in the three-dimensional world of this planet).

“There is a finite collective number,” Jose Luis replied. 

I am not sure I am buying that answer.

Jose Luis then “passed the rattle,” meaning gave each of us a chance to speak about our experiences so far. 

When my turn came, I said, “this was the hardest hike I have ever done.  But also the most beautiful,” I added.  “And I especially want to honor the women among us.  There was no difference between men and women on the trail.  We were all pals.  We all grunted and pulled our weight equally.  So when Judy (an organizer/participant) said yesterday (at the end of our trek), ‘this is a ladies’ bus,’ I said, ‘no, this is everybody’s bus’.”

Other people also spoke from their hearts, some tearfully, others more somberly.  It was a moving recapitulation of our mountain experiences.  We all agreed that none of us have ever participated in a team endeavor that was as cohesive and loving as our group was.

Around noon, we went into another session with the mountain spirits, our fourth on this trip.  Jose Luis finally let me ask the personal question I have been holding back for a week now.  I had the good fortune that Apu Huascaran, a very talkative and very helpful mountain spirit, with lots of good practical advice, was “holding court” at the time.  So here’s what I asked and how he answered it…

My Personal Question re. Astral Origin.  I told Apu Huascaran that I had been contacted earlier this year by two multidimensional luminous beings who told me that my astral name was Altzar; that I come from the Dogon Star, Sirius B; that my mission is to be the Rainbow Giver, meaning to open portals for entities from other dimensions to be able to enter the earth’s three-dimensional world and help humanity transition to 2012 and beyond.  I said I was further guided to move to Maui, create an huaca with an apucheta there, wake up the volcano spirits, and open a portal there to connect the Hawaiian volcano spirits with the Apus in the Andes.

(I did not say that that was a part of my alleged Lemurian legacy, but I am sure that the Apu either knew that or would figure it out on his own).

So I asked Apu Huascaran if he could confirm all that, and give me some guidance about how I am to going about opening up that portal.  He spoke for several minutes in reply. 

First, he said he wanted to ponder my question.  It sounded like, “let me think about it and I’ll get back to you.”

Second, he said I was “born with a great gift,” and that I should put all my resources into discovering what it is. 

I found his answer was sort of disappointing.  I know I have been blessed with many talents, so have no idea which one of them may be the “great gift,” the Apu was referring to.  Or maybe it’s some gift I am yet to discover?  Anyway, guess mystery is a part of life.  And this “great gift” is evidently meant to remain a mystery for me a while longer.

UPDATE: Aug 5, 2011 – In a channeling session with Yeshua (Jesus), this spirit guide, who has known me for millennia, said today that my greatest gift is that of INTEGRATION. What he meant by that is my ability to use of both my left and right brains in multidimensional channeling with the spirit realm.

Second, Apu Huascaran said that I should go on a 24 hour-fast on a Thursday.  And that I am to do it without any food or drink whatsoever.  He said I should also purify myself with “holy water” (which Jose Luis later interpreted for me to mean any pure spring water, like that in Iao Valley here in Maui, for example).

Third, he said he would contact the Apus of the volcanoes.  I asked him if he wanted their names.  He said he did.  So I mentioned Haleakala and Puu Kukui on Maui, and Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island.

Fourth, he said I should spend at least two hours in complete darkness, like the room we were in right now in Maras.  That’s to show pure intent and pray from the heart before calling on him or other Apus to show up.

He added that I should light a yellow candle at night and a white candle by day.

I do not recall any other meaningful questions or answers in this session.  If there were any based on other people’s notes, I will update this section.  Guess the Apus celebratory comments in the beginning, and Apu Huascaran’s answer to me took up a long time.

Conversations with Spirits, Session #5

with Don Juanito, an Altomesayok, holding the sacred space

MARAS, Peru, June 9, 2009, PM – When we returned to the Maras campus after our mediations, we went into another session with the mountain spirits, this time with a new Altomesayok, Don Juanito, whom I also remember from last year.

Don Juanito is still on probation.  He is supposed to be formally confirmed as a full-fledged Altomesayok on Aug 1, 2009.  If all goes well.  So only 4-5 spirits showed up when he called them this afternoon.  Apu Chaopyorko, is the director of his mesa. A female earth spirit is the sub-director.

Calling Spirits. Apu Chaopyorko did most of the talking. He said that the quality of our intent in prayers was the only way to call the spirits.  Plus. we have to have “a strong psyche” to hold the portal when the winged spirits show up.  He said that sometimes Altomesayoks would “sit all night in a dark room until they finally found that deep core that mirrors their psyche.”

My Question re. Languages. I was wondering why did God make it so difficult for us to communicate with spirits.  It would be easier to practice love if we could understand each other, I said.  “Yet, here we are, having to have everything translated from either Spanish or Quechua into English.   What if we were alone, and did find that deep core, and the spirits showed up?  What then?  How would you talk to us so we would understand you?”

Apu Chaopyorko said that it was a good question.  He said that if the spirits appeared to us, it would be done in such a way that we would be integrated into the spirit.  This would make it possible for us to articulate things as if they were our thoughts and feelings.

My Question re. World Affairs. I also pointed out the sad state of world affairs in which people hate and kill each other instead of practicing the divine and unconditional love, like the people in our allyu (community).  Why does God allow that to happen, and what can we do about it, I wondered.

Apu Chaopyorko said that we should lead by example, which should inspire other people to follow.

People and Angels. Answering another question, Apu Chaopyorko said that there was a time in early human history when angels used to live among the people (unlike now, when they only show up rarely and only through the mesas of a few remaining Altomesayoks).  But the angels had to retreat when the humans wanted to mate with them.

Conversations with Spirits, Session #6

with Don Juanito, an Altomesayok, holding the sacred space

A Preamble on Altomesayok Traditions

MARAS, Peru, June 10, 2009, AM – When we got to Maras this morning, we first sat on the lawn of the campus, with Jose Luis doing most of the talking.

Apu Chaopyorko is one of the wisest Apus, according to Jose Luis.  He speaks in a very measured voice, carefully annunciating every word in Spanish.  There is a hierarchy among the Apus.  Each has a job description and some overall responsibility.

Don Juanito’s D-day  is Aug 1.  That’s when the Apus are supposed to confirm him officially as an Altomesayok.  He will be appointed for three years.  Juanito and his family were in a bad car crash some years ago.  They barely survived, hanging over the precipice by a hair until help arrived and they were rescued.  That event pushed him toward spiritual life.

The Altomesayoks used to be selected by lightening (strikes).  But that’s no longer the case.  Or at least, it doesn’t always have to happen.  Don Juanito’s selection is a case in point.

One of the requirements for being an Altomesayok is that he is not supposed to charge for his healings.  He can accept grateful donations but is not supposed to have a price list for his services.  The spirits work through him and they are supposed to heal people for free as part of their job description.  Thus it is considered inappropriate for an Altomesayok to charge for his help.

In one case, a corrupt Altomesayok was found hanged outside his home.  He lived alone.  There was no evidence of forced entry or any other signs of violence.  He was evidently punished by the spirits for his corruption and for betraying their and the Creator’s trust.

Another Altomesayok is now in jail, Jose Luis added.

Sometimes the Apus make an exception in that respect, in cases of dire situations and extreme financial hardships.  “But those mesas don’t grow (in power),” Jose Luis said. 

The Apus also like to use the Altomesayoks as a channel to learn about human conditions.  Indeed, I have found them to be very well informed about the current world affairs in both series of our conversations with the spirits, last year and again this time around.

Don Juanito was an assistant to two Altomesayok mesas for six years.  His one crystal kulla was given to him directly by the Apus (Quollyoritti).  Asked what he feels during our sessions with Apus, Juanito replied that he “feels nothing.” 

That evidently contradicted what Jose Luis had said last night after I had asked the same question and he cut me off, saying he already knew the answer.  Jose Luis later said that the Altomesayok experiences a sensation as if his heart was going to jump out of his chest.  Well, he was evidently wrong, at least in Don Juanito’s case.

After that, we went into another session of Conversations with the Spirits, the number six.  Again, only 3-4 spirits showed up, with Apu Chaopyorko holding court.  I did not recall anything of momentous value in that session that needed to be jotted down.  I will update these notes if necessary once I see what other participants in that session may have found worthwhile. 

Ocean spirits.  Perhaps one thing worthy of note right now is that Apu Chaopyorko said that we call the ocean spirits the same way as we call the Apus and the earth spirits.

Gratitude and Humbleness.  Another thing that was interesting is what Apu Chaopyorko said about himself and the other Apus.  He said that a little praise and gratitude is okay, but not too much.  “It is our job to heal people,” he said.  “So there is no need for (excessive) gratitude.”

Bird Spirits.  I told Apu Chaopyorko about a visit I had last winter from an old Andean bird spirit called Montesumanar.  So I wanted to know what he can tell me about bird spirits like that in general, and about his one in particular.

The Apu replied that the mountain spirits often choose to appear as birds in physical bodies in the three-dimensional world.  So that’s what happened in my case, too, he said. 

He evidently did not know the reason Montesumanar appeared to me while I was still in Arizona, which is what Grandma Chandra later explained to me.

Conversations with Spirits, Session #7

with Dona Alejandrina, an Altomesayok, holding the sacred space

CUSCO, Peru, June 10, 2009, EVE – We went by bus to Dona Alejandrina’s house in Cusco where we had our seventh and final session with the mountain spirits.  My brain was fried and my body exhausted when we sat down on wooden benches in the little dark room to which the spirits come.  I thought I’d be just going through the motions. 

And then a miracle happened.  When Apu Huascaran started talking, my tiredness drained away like nighttime chill under a morning sun.  I was totally refreshed.  What followed was by far the most valuable of all sessions we’ve had.  And it went on for a long time.  Apu Huascaran stayed on until all our questions were exhausted.

At one point, Jose Luis tried to bring the conversation to a close. 

“I am getting the impression that Jose Luis is in a hurry,” Apu Huascaran chided our leader.  “You should see his face now,” he added after pausing for a few seconds.  “It is purple.”

We all laughed.  The conversation went on…

On Atlantis, Lemuria… Lincoln (from Britain) asked a question about Atlantis and Lemuria.  Apu Huascaran confirmed that they both existed. 

“The Atlantians were very wise and sophisticated,” he said.  “They wanted to change the weather to make it perpetual spring.  They were able to get to the axis of the Earth.  But something went wrong, and the whole continent sank in a few days.”

Apu Huascaran mentioned the name of the island that sank last.  It sounded like Bartholomew or something like that.  Maybe some of my friends will have it exactly, in which case I will update my notes accordingly.

Apu Huascaran continued explaining that the Atlantians gave rise to the ancient Egyptian civilization.  “I am very fond of Egyptians,” he said. 

He talked about the similarities between the Incas and the Egyptians.  Just like in the Inca culture the river Urubamba was supposed to mirror the Milky Way, in the Egyptian culture the river Nile was seen as the same.

I was very interested to hear that, both from a historical and personal standpoint, as a former Atlantian.  I first had a vision of the Atlantis’ golden domes over a year ago, while I was meditating on a Montenegrin mountain top overlooking the Adriatic Sea (see Montenegro: Answering a Mountain Call, May 2008).  Since then, Grandma Chandra had confirmed that both Elizabeth and I had had prior lifetimes in Atlantis.

“And what about Lemuria?” I asked.

“That’s a different story,” Apu Huascaran replied.  Lemuria was populated by Cyclops.  That was in an earlier era of human development. 

Creativity & 18-million year cycles That’s when Apu Huascaran went into an explanation of human cycles. 

He said that we are now in the second of the two 18-million year cycles (guess the Lemurian Cyclops were in the first?). 

It was at this stage that Apu Huascaran started to mock Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.  “He said that man had come from a monkey,” he said.  “Hm… well, let’s wait another 18 million years and see if today’s monkeys will evolve into man,” he added sarcastically.

He said that Man was the only God’s creation that is capable of CREATIVITY.  That is the most important distinguishing mark of a human.

“Seeing you use and practice creativity is very pleasing to the Creator,” he added.

He also said something about man “could have been created on Pluto or Mars,” but God chose to put us on this planet.  I did not retain the full context of this comment, however, so maybe some of my friends’ notes will be helpful in updating this comment?

Wakai Willke’s praise, blessings Part way through our discussion with Apu Huascaran, Apu Wakai Willke showed up.  As you may recall, he was the host spirit on our mountain pilgrimage to whom we paid special homage in our ceremonies, including the Rites of Passage on Intipunko, the Gateway to the Sun.

Apu Wakai Willke gave us a heartfelt thank you for our efforts and the despachos.  He said he watched us on the ridge and was so touched by the sincerity of our prayers and the warmth he saw in our hearts that he also shed a tear.

“I had tears in my eyes watching you on that ridge after you had received your Rites of Passage,” he told us.

He also confirmed to us that he was indeed the wind that blew at us from various directions. “I was that wind,” he said. 

“I know,” I whispered.  “And you could not wait for my despacho to burn so you shredded it right then and there,” I joked.

Jokes aside, most of us had tears of gratitude when Wakai Willke finished speaking.  We truly felt his fatherly love.

Lost technologies My next question was about the technologies that the Incas used to build magnificent structures, such as Saqsaywaman or Machu Picchu.  “What happened to them?  Have these technologies been somehow lost?”

Apu Huascaran said he could not understand why we (man) could no longer build something like Saqsaywaman which the Incas built centuries ago.  He said the Incas were able to talk to the stone people.  They knew the names of each stone. 

“So they were able to talk the stones into walking up the mountain,” he added.

Wow.  Can you imagine what would happen if I repeated that in public to my executive clients, for example?  They’d check me into a loony bin.

“I want to learn to do that,” I remember resolving a day and a half later on my flight back home.  “I will learn the language and the names of all my stones.”

I recalled how I struggled to move even a 200-pount stone, let alone some giant boulders that are in the gulch on my property.  I have always had an affinity to and a special relationship with the stone people as well as the bird spirits.  But now that I have learned how the Incas were able to create such magnificent structures, I am determined to try to recover that lost technology. 

I thought of Star Rising, for example, as one flesh and blood human who is already able to do it.  “So why not me?” I asked a rhetorical question.

My question re. languages, duality… Apu Huascaran said that the reason the Creator does not make it easy for us to understand everything easily is because of DUALITY that all God’s creations represent.

“If there were no mysteries and everybody could understand and do everything, life would be rather flat, would it not?” he said.

Most of us chuckled in agreement.

He asked me when it was that I first had to face some hardships or contradictions in my life.

“At birth, I think,” I blurted out instinctively. 

In retrospect, I thought about how the birthing itself is one of the greatest hardships we face as humans.

“Then you’re a very wise man,” Apu Huascaran replied. 

He continued to explain that most people start exploring mysteries or life and the duality of purpose after encountering disappointments and pain in their physical lives on this planet.

“How true,” I thought.  That also happened to me, more than once.  The last time, about four years ago, an epiphany about the duality and polarity of the two volcanoes on Maui led to a story Between Two Volcanoes (Dec 2005).  Which, in turn, became the first step on a road to Maui that eventually landed me at the Rainbow Shower, the name of our property.

Our star origin, Pleiades Apu Huascaran confirmed that we all come from the stars.  So I guess that’s also a confirmation of my origin from Sirius B, the Dogon Star? 

But Apu Huascaran also said that the Pleiades (star constellation) has nothing to do with our current cycles.  Which contradicted another thing that Jose Luis had told us earlier.

ET, aliens, water shortage Asked about a presence of ET’s on this planet, a female earth spirit confirmed their existence.  The Santa Tierra said that there were indeed ET’s who were trying to use human bodies as vessels for their evil designs.  But she added that there are also benevolent ET’s who are genuinely trying to help humanity.

She added that there are some ET’s who are saving human embryos so they could transplant them to another planet in case the earth was destroyed. 

I thought that was a very poignant comment.  It fitted in right with the earlier comments by the Apus in answer to my question about 2012 (“meteorological changes” and “disasters,” see Conversations with the Spirits, Session #2, June 2).  So obviously, we are in for some turbulent times on this planet over the next several years.

The Santa Tierra also talked about a shortage of water on this planet as being one of mankind’s most serious problems. 

She said the Swine Flue epidemic, for example, “is just a part of life.”  Just like half the population of caterpillars has to do in order for the other half to survive as a species, the same is true in terms of man.

 Is she implying that half the mankind (3 billion people) may have to die in order for the other half to live?  Hm…

Higher purpose to global financial crisis Answering Peter’s question about the global financial crisis, the Santa Tierra confirmed that there is indeed a “higher purpose” to it.  But she added that it was all “a blessing in disguise,” without elaborating as to why.



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