From Puno, Lake Titicaca, PERU

A Puno dream that led to my building a real life 3d planetarium in Maui

URUBAMBA, Peru, Jan 30, 2010 – My first revelation to do with my astral mission occurred in the wee hours of the morning on Jan 30.  We were still in Puno, getting ready to go back to Cusco by an express bus. I was in that state between sleep and being awake.

Suddenly, I had a vision.  It was a giant cross spread over our property in Maui, connecting the four lookout points I had selected and marked over the last 10 months.  The center of the cross was right at my Huaca, which was the first thing I built at the Rainbow Shower, some nine months earlier.

You can see my original notes about it. I made them that morning on the bus during our ride from Puno to Cusco. I created the other images I saw in that dream after we returned back home to Maui.

Then a new form of a prayer came to me.  It wasn’t substantially different from that which I have been using for months to open a sacred space and do various shamanic ceremonies.  But it was a synthesis of new experiences that have happened on this trip, including my shamanic sessions with Don Sebastian and Nicolas.

I am not sure anymore whether or not this occurred before or after I had prayed for Elizabeth’s full recovery and our safe return to Cusco and on back home.  But I do recall the emotion.  It was like a bold of lightening striking me.

“I wonder if it is a Chakana?” (the Inca medicine cross encompassing the three worlds), I recall wondering. I could not wait to get back home and see if my vision is true in the three-dimensional world, too.

Peru_N6Later on, during the bus ride to Cusco,  I spent the first several hours of the seven-hour ride making notes in my journal about my revelation and other observations.  It was an express bus that wasn’t supposed to make any stops.  So it was ideal for meditation and interpretation of dreams and otherworldly ideas.  I even drew a sketch of the cross, along with shamanic interpretations of each point and cardinal direction (right), and shared this revelation and the Chakana cross idea with Elizabeth.

I also told her what I had discerned the message from the Apus was concerning her on this trip.  The Apus hit Elizabeth with two illnesses and one nose bleed in less than a week. She has never been sick like that as long as I have known her.  A lesser woman would have collapsed under such stress.  Elizabeth has been a real trouper in handling the adversity. That´s because her spirit is stronger than her body.  But we need to bring the two in balance.  That´s what yin-yang is, as you know.

So Elizabeth has had quite an initiation in the mountains.  As one of my early shaman guides put it, “they will chew you up and spit you out if you´re not tough enough. But they will also carry you if you show them love and respect.”  Elizabeth has overcome tremendous challenges.  But I´d rather her not have to. Which means she may be coming with me on easier trips away from the Andes, and I will be doing the tougher ones on my own.

So that’s what I told her on the bus. She agreed.

Flood of Revelations Back Home on Maui…

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 3, 2010 – I could hardly wait to get home and try to validate my giant cross vision in the three-dimensional reality of the Rainbow Shower.  So the first morning back, I walk to all four corners and made visual observation.  Bingo!  Looked like the points did line up as I had seen them in Peru and that the center of the cross was indeed at my original Huaca, at the bottom of the gulch.  I felt goose bumps when I realized that.

The next day, I did same same, but this time with a compass.  Then I wrote to a friend from our Altomesayok Journey in Peru last June.  I respected Marti for her several decades of shamanic experiences and for being a teacher of shamanism at her home in California and not just a one-on-one practitioner.  Here’s what I said:

Revelation #1: Background (Feb 4)

From: Bob Djurdjevic [
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 5:55 PM
To: ‘Marti’
Subject: Revelations

Hi, Marti.  As I said, I want to share with you some of the guidance I have been receiving re. my mission here.  I feel I am being taught all the time without having to ask or make an effort, except to decipher the signs that are illuminating the way ahead.  Let me give you a recent example…
If you have been following my work here at the Rainbow Shower, I am sure you realize that it has been a hard physical toil.  But underneath the obvious, there have been constant signs that have been guiding me to carry out these physical activities.
Perhaps you recall the male/female boulders that were buried underground deep in the jungle, which marked the spot upon which I FELT I needed build my Huaca.  When I dug deeper, I found a baby rock between them, which I FELT had to be the cornerstone of my Apucheto.  That was back in April/May of last year. 
Even before that, I had been told by an ET that my mission as the Rainbow Giver was to awaken the volcano spirits in Hawaii and connect them with the Apus (mountain spirits) in the Andes.  The same ET told me that I should build the Huaca in the northeast part of my property.  At the time, I was still in Arizona.  Guess where those two boulders that marked the spot for me where?  In the NE part of the property, of course.
After I acquired the Greater Rainbow Shower and carried out major construction in the fall of last year, I had personally been driven to weed-whack two paths in a zig-zag fashion (like switchbacks) up two steep hills.  Initially, I did it mainly because the two spots offer wonderfully contrasting views of the gulch and the ocean in the distance.  I cleared an area on a third slope, ostensibly for the same reason.  I called these three places Lookouts North, West, and South based on their location).   Before our trip to Peru, my landscapers and I lugged heavy railroad ties up those slopes from which I built three benches.  It was all very hard work but also a labor of love, just like building of the Huaca and the Apucheto. 
Keep in mind that I did all of that because I was compelled to by some unknown force.  It was 100% Gnosticism and 0% rationalism.  I did now know why I did it.  I just felt I had to do it.
Now, I think I have told you before during our Altomesayok journey that I still don’t know how I am to carry out this astral mission on this planet.  But more is being revealed to me all the time, including on this last trip to Peru.  
One morning (Jan 30), for example, while I was in that state half way between sleep and being awake, I saw those three lookout points, plus our house on the eastern slope of my property, forming one giant cross (see left).  And I saw the lines connect the E-W and N-S points intersect at the exact spot where I had build the Huaca and Apucheto, back in May of last year.  So if this were true, it would make the Huaca at the bottom of the gulch where the lines between the four cardinal points intersect a vortex of cosmic energy.
I could not wait to get home and see if that theory works in practice.  So first thing yesterday morning, I climbed to all four points with my compass and drew the lines across the gulch.  Bingo!  Here’s a sketch of what I got – the sign of that giant cross (left): 

The faded background upon which I had superimposed the sketch of the four cardinal points and the Huaca is the ACTUAL map of my property.  No wonder I had been guided to come here and expand it to encompass all four points (my original property was only 2 acres and only the Huaca and the Eastern point were a part of it.  Now it is 7 acres and it contains the other three cardinal points.
That Jan 30 morning when I first had the vision, I also saw four smaller Apucheta that I needed to build at the four cardinal points made out of different materials – white rock for Air (East), brown rock for Earth (North) , gray rock for Water (West) and black rock for Fire (South).  And I saw a three-dimensional Chakana Andean cross, at the vortex where the Huaca is based. That’s where I saw the Sun as the golden sphere resting on top of my  three-dimensional Chakana. 
I really don’t understand the why’s and wherefore’s of all this, just as I did not when I received and followed other signs that led me to this property.  But I intend to carry out these instructions and turn these visions into reality, as I had when I moved here without knowing exactly why.  I have a sense that when I am done, I will receive additional signs for how to deploy them.  Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland, discovering new wonders behind every tree.
Is this making any sense to you, Marti?  Thanks for “listening” and for sharing your vast knowledge and experiences with me. And, once again, thank you for your prayers while we were on this trip to Peru. 

And now, here’s Marti’s response which arrived about a week later…

From: Marti 
Sent: Friday, February 12, 2010 6:37 PM
To: Bob Djurdjevic
Subject: Re: Revelations

Hi Bob 

Finally had some time to spend with your revelatory work – really amazing.

You are working just like the traditional masters work – listen and act, and after the experience the meaning emerges. The beauty of this is that as a human we give up control and simply enjoy the magic of being the portal. The teaching that shamans ‘create’ meaning is often misunderstood as shamans being personally in control of creating meaning. We are simply the channels and the voices. No human understands prior to experience and this level of experience is solely for shamans.

So excellent work so far!!!

It strikes me that you are manifesting a shrine that embodies the new cosmology. Remember the apus telling us that the current cosmology no longer works and it is our job is to create a new one . . . the original Andean cosmology is, at the primary level: Sunrise to sunset, what lies above, what lies below  –  this creates the ‘male cross’ which is upright. The secondary level of the cosmos is the ‘female cross’ connecting NE-SW and SE-NW.

What is emerging in your map is a new combination of these cosmology markers – the vertical element, north to south is a major connection we need to make at this time, and the angled axis is the arm of the female cross that represents the NE point [the sunrise point where the kaypacha and hanaqpacha meet] to SW [the sunset point where the kaypacha meets the uchupacha]. This is a new map emerging. 

I’ll send you more insights as they come up. Keep me updated! Love to you and Elizabeth, 


I thanked Marti, for her input.  She wrote back:

From: Marti 
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010 6:20 PM
To: Bob Djurdjevic

Hi Bob

I’m really glad my comments on your revelatory work were useful.  Can’t wait to hear more!

Two days later, another revelation happened.  I also shared it with Marti…

Revelation #2 (Feb 16)

From: Bob Djurdjevic []
Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 8:46 PM
To: ‘Marti’
Subject: RE: more revelations

Hi, Marti.  Interesting you should say that in your last email… “can’t wait to hear more.”  Your comment must have sparked another revelation that happened this evening, at sunset.

I was in a process of putting the pins in place for the original four spots on my property (the E-W and NE-SW cross, see the map right). Standing on a hilltop at the SW point, I looked down into the gulch and saw a pin that my surveyor and I had put in place last spring.  As I traced the line from that pin roughly due north, it seemed to run again right through the center of my Huaca.  I rushed down the hill to see if I can confirm that on the ground.  They certainly seemed to line up.

I then ran up the hill to get my compass and see if it is indeed the true north direction.  Bingo!  It was spot on.  So I updated the diagram of the cross superimposed on the map of my property.  It is the green line connecting the two new points that were revealed to me tonight.  And now, you can see it is indeed the sign of a cross whose center point and the double intersecting lines are in the middle of the Huaca.
image001This evening, I looked up the sacred geometry associated with Chakana and the sign of the cross (see the two diagrams below the map). It appears that my original NE-SW direction lines up exactly with the Grand Diagonal, also known as Linea de la Verdad o de la Vida (Line of the Truth or of Life).

What do you make of that now, Marti?


And then it happened again.  Another “cosmic download” occurred in the wee hours of the morning on Feb 17.  Just like in Puno on Jan 30, I am not sure if this one was a part of the dream or a conscious thought.  All I know is that when I became conscious of the new idea, it was still dark outside.  So I may have been asleep and in a process of awakening.  Later that day, I described what happened in this email to Marti…

Revelation #3, Sacred Animals: Jaguar-Condor/Hummingbird; #9 (Feb 17)

From: Bob Djurdjevic 
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 6:39 PM
To: ‘Marti’
Subject: RE: more revelations + more yet… (Feb 17)

Marti, you must have spurred something on.  Things are happening.  Fast.  So I want to share them with you on a play-by-play basis.  Don’t feel obligated to respond until you’ve had a chance to consider everything that comes to your heart and mind.  I know you have many other obligations, including your radio show, which I hope to listen to tomorrow morning.
Anyway, early this morning (it was still nighttime), I had another vision – connecting two more points on my property across the gulch (#5 and #6 on the satellite map – right).  Again, the line in my mind’s eye went through the Huaca.  As you recall, the same thing happened yesterday with what are now points #7 and #8 on the map below.
After I did my office work this morning, compass in hand, I went down to the gulch and marked the two new points (#6 and #8).  Then I went up and down the hillsides like a goat for a couple of hours, trying to feel the land and see what it is saying to me.  The only message I was certain of was that the vortex of energy pointed always toward the “center,” the Huaca, which, as you know, was the first thing I marked back in March of last year when the whole thing was still impassable jungle.
When I came back up to the house, I charted the property using Google Earth’s satellite images, so that everything is in its proper place and to scale.  I marked the eight points and the intersecting lines on the chart in red.  I had earlier already marked the Rainbow Shower property boundaries in blue.  And this is what it looks like…
I would be interested in hearing what you make of all this when you get a chance.  No hurry. 
Here are some things that struck me as potentially significant.  First, this is not new; I noticed this even before I purchased the second 5 acres last September.  Take a look at the shape of the property.  It looks like a resting Jaguar, doesn’t it? Kaipacha.  This Otorongo is facing East to Northeast, with his two front paws touching East Kuiaha Rd, like a guard dog watching for intruders.
Second, if you flip the property outline around and look at it diagonally, I see a bird in flight (from right to left).   Condor, perhaps?  Hanaqpacha.  (Or a Hummingbird that ties me to the lineage of the Holy Mountains in Peru?).  And the bird seems to be flying from Northeast to  Southwest.  As I said, these two things are not new to me.  I had told Elizabeth about it even before I made an offer for the second part of the property and have journaled it at the time.
What is new is the third thing that jumped at me from this image after I created it this afternoon.  Take a look at the positioning of the all-powerful Huaca where all these lines intersect.  The Huaca is the HEART of the Jaguar and of the Condor/Hummingbird.
The fourth thing that struck me has to do with numerology. It occurred after I had numbered all the points on the map.  I did that without thinking, connecting them roughly in the chronological order in which I discovered and marked them over the last 11 months.  I’ve already told you that I had weed-whacked last fall the paths up steep hills to #2, #3 and #4, for example, – in that order, by the way – well before I had that Chakana cross vision in Peru on Jan 30.   The four top points add up to #18, which is #9 numerologically.  But what I found quite fascinating is that the bottom four points add up to the same number – #18.  
So now my challenge is to see what the significance of #9 is in conjunction with my mission.
Finally, the fifth message that emerged from this picture is that the star shape of the red lines represents an energy grid of the Jaguar and Condor respectively.  If I were to build these sacred animals as giant concrete statues, for example, that is precisely how I would lay out the grid of rebars to hold the concrete together.
Is this making any sense to you, Marti?  BTW – I plan to build eight Apuchetas at the eight point so that they can act like beacons, beaming and focusing the cosmic energy down to the Huaca, where (now I have to call it) my “master” Apucheta is.  
Oh my God, Marti.  Bingo!  A penny just dropped. That is the 9th Apucheto!  So here is that #9 again asserting itself.  Fascinating…
Anyway, I’ll let you go now, but thought you, of all people, might appreciate something like that. 
Bob Altzar
P.P.S. I can’t believe it, but I just had another revelation.  You and I did not know each other at the time, but I had an astral rebirth ceremony administered to me by two multi-dimensional beings last February 25.  I was still in Arizona back then, but had already signed the contracts to buy this property in Hawaii.  These two beings were the ones who first told me of my astral mission – to awaken the Hawaiian volcano spirits and facilitate a connection to the Apus in the Andes.  Which is what a Rainbow Giver does celestially and between inter-dimensionally, I was told.  Anyway, up until a few minutes ago when I signed my name above as Altzar, I have not been able to figure out why my astral birthday was 2/25/2009 (see  Masters’ #11 & My life, and about that astral rebirth here… Altzar’s Rebirth & Mantras, Feb 2009).

I knew that the Masters’ #11 was has been a guidepost all my life (see ), but I did not realize until just now that 2/25 also represents #9 numerologically.  So here’s that #9 again, creeping into my life for the third time tonight.  Amazing…

The next day, I had received a letter from another Altomesayok shaman friend Lincoln, a filmmaker from London, England.  He is the one who took the photo of me in that colorful shaman poncho near Intipunko (Gateway to the Sun) in Peru last summer (right).  I decided to share my revelations with him and get his input as well.  Here’s what he wrote back:

From: Lincoln 
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2010 5:31 AM
To: Bob Djurdjevic
Subject:  Re: Revelations – confidential

HI Bob,

 Many thanks for these insights and I now realise how driven you are to do this work, really quite an undertaking. I hope one day I will be able to come out to Hawaii and spent some time absorbing all that energy. 

But for the mean time I wanted to share some insights on the Mayan trail. The synchronicity is not lost on me but I came across The Journal of Shamanic Practice well worth subscribing too if your not already aware of it. Anyway I open the first page and there is an amazing article around one of the main Mayan ruins I plan to visit on our Yucatan tour next month. Specifically Yaxchilan and the Jaguar God Itzamnaaj who was know as the ‘Far Seer’  or ‘True Magician”. he was a fatherly God and whom gave wise counsel and caused flowers to bloom and it turns out he was a powerful shaman. Needless to say this some how is relevant as the building that stands there was dedicated to the jaguar/eagle. There was an offerings made of small objects that are green or fresh and yellow or ripe or valuable. The objects were shells and precious stones cast on the ground with the same gestures for sowing seeds. To bring about abundance and growth I felt that this could be a ceremony (if you feel drawn in away to this) to do. I will be doing a ceremony there with the same offering to the spirits on the 1st of April (April Fools Day) with a shaman. 

This place resonated deeply with your alignments in your land and the Huaca images that have arisen in the land namely the eagle condor and the jaguar. The feeling I got was that you should also look to the stars and I think this is going to blow your mind but try mapping the star constellation above your eagle/jaguar Huaca and see what comes up alignment wise. Milky Way is jumping out at me. There’s some connection between the earth and the heavens  that’s going to connect up for you. Well enough for now unfortunately the pass word and link to use to gain entry don’t seem to want to work, it may be a glitch. I hope to read more as the site develops.

Best Wishes


And then, I was replying to Lincoln’s email on Friday morning, several extraordinary revelations happened in succession.  It felt like a gusher of celestial messages had burst.  I tried to capture the essence of it in this message to Lincoln.

Revelations #4: Red Cardinals/Hummingbirds (Feb 19)

Hi, Lincoln.  Thank you so much for taking the time to absorb the revelations I shared with you and give me such valuable input.  Both ideas – a possible connection to the Mayan rites to do with Jaguar/Eagle and the messages from the stars above the two signs on my property – are very useful and insightful, probably more than you realize. 

First, about the Mayan connection…  check out this article about what happened just before I left Arizona last March to move to Hawaii (Mayan Calendar, 2012 Prophecy Reappear, Mar 15, 2008).  It gives me goose bumps just to think about it.  And now you will be traveling there, too.  I will read up now on these Mayan traditions from the web side you gave me.  Let me know the exact date and time you will be doing your ceremony, and I will join you in it from my Huaca here at the Rainbow Shower. 

Second, synchronicity has been a way of life for me lately.  Or maybe always.  It’s just that, since I have stepped on the shamanic path a few years ago, I have become more aware of it.  You saw in the above story that the Creator and the spirits chose a Mexican man (Antonio) to reveal that Mayan calendar to me.  Also, my wife before God, Elizabeth, was born in Texas but is of Mexican descent (her grandparents moved from Mexico to the States) and is 100% of Mexican blood.  In early 2008, Quetzalcoatl (Aztec) or Kukulcan (Mayan) (feathered serpent, one of Aztec and Mayan deities) showed up in my dream.  (Are you going to go to his temple in Chichen Itza?  Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan was related to gods of the wind, of Venus, of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts and knowledge. He was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge).  

Oh my God… just now, as I was writing this, a red cardinal showed up in the bushes outside my office window.  I have always had a connection to the birds, especially Hummingbirds, which hovered around me all the time in Arizona and in Peru.  Red cardinals have taken their place here in Hawaii where, I am told, there are no Hummingbirds.  I “talk” to them all the time on my property (meaning, we whistle to each other all day long.  But I have NEVER BEFORE seen one right here at the house.  And I never heard him make THIS KIND OF A SOUND… “psst, psst”, like a Hummingbird. 

The Red Cardinal was looking at me through my office window from no more than eight feet away, as if goading me to come out.  So I interrupted my letter to you at the Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan point, and did walk out.  I figured it was really the spirits calling me (as you know, they often do take bird forms, including our dear winged Apus).  If this was “just” a bird, I figured, he would have flown away when approached by a man so close.  This one did not.  And I found out there were actually two of them.  They fluttered to the nearby Rainbow Shower, the tree after which I named our property.  That’s when I realized they must be Apu Huaskaran, my benefactor Apu, and his female expression, Quollor Nusta (female star in Quechua), who I was told by Don Sebastian on this last trip in Peru, would be guiding me in my mission here.  They stayed with me for at least five minutes, hopping from branch to branch.   

And then a true miracle happened.  You know how they say there are no Humminbirds in Hawaii?  Well, I kept hearing that familiar “psst, psst” sound coming from the bush where the two Red Cardinals were.  And then I saw it – a HUMMINGBIRD in Hawaii!!  It was tiny, smaller than the ones in Arizona and Peru.  But there was no doubt about it.  And then another one showed up.  They stayed with me for about a minute while I talked to them lovingly, recognizing them as Apu Huaskaran and Quollor Nusta.  Then they flew away.

See what I mean about synchronicity being a way of life for me?  But what just happened really blew me away, too.  So maybe that bird sign on my property is a Hummingbird, not a Condor?  Which would make sense.  Hummingbird, the sacred animal of the North (cardinal direction), ties us to the lineage of the Holy Mountains in Peru.  And that image you saw faces North.  Or maybe it’s both? (Condor and Hummingbird).  Hm …

Finally, your upcoming trip and our reestablishing this connection now, nine months after we had first met, is no coincidence, I am sure.  Yes, I would love for you to come and visit me here and feel the energy of this sacred place firsthand. 

Third, you may want to read the whole essay on 2012 that I wrote in January of last year (“2012: Toward a New Breed of Man, an essay on future of mankind… the above story about the reappearance of the Mayan calendar in my life is a PS to is).  I have a feeling that we are all chosen as Hatun Chaska (Star Nation) to connect and help prepare humanity for the new era beyond 2012 (just now, I heard the Hummingbird’s call again!!!  And I saw those two Red Cardinals again outside my window).

Anyway, I’d better stop now and let you carry on with your life.  Thanks a million for sharing your input.  You see how it has led to some more revelations already.  I am deeply grateful. 

Much love 


As it turned out, that was just a beginning.  That night (Feb 19), just before midnight, Elizabeth and I were sitting in the spa and chatting about all these revelations and their meaning.  On most nights, she and I like to gaze at the stars from the spa, and talk about various constellations.  At times, we have seen spectacular “meteor showers” from there, too, such as on Dec 19, for example.  But tonight, the sky was overcast and light rain was falling.

When Elizabeth went inside to take a shower before bedtime, I said my usual prayers from the spa.  Again, as usual, I asked for healing guidance from Apu Huaskaran and Quollor Nusta, his female expression.  When I was finished, I noticed that the rain had stopped.  The clouds had dissipated.  It was as if someone had suddenly lifted a veil, revealing a bright starry night to me.

I got out of the spa, and started to observe the various constellations in relation to the Rainbow Shower.  I took electronic pictures of the stars at that hour…

… looking in the southerly direction (two left shots), and then toward the north (two right shots).  The various images in the second and fourth picture are the artist impressions of various constellations.  Since it was past midnight by now, I just saved these pictures and decided to analyze them in the morning.

There was one more thing I noticed.  The Gemini constellation was right on top of my Huaca, straight up above it, with the twins’ heads in the western sky (far right).

In the morning, I could not wait to get at these photos and see if Lincoln’s idea can be proven on the ground.  And bingo!  Lincoln was spot on.  If there were any doubt before that the Rainbow Shower is a sacred site chosen by the higher powers for my astral mission, there ought not to be any left after you look at the images that follow.  The entire property is a series of celestial mirrors.

But first, a brief introduction for those of you who are not Inca-trained shamans.   The Incas have always believed in building structures that mirror the mountain shapes around them.  The Machu Picchu, Pisaq and Chinchero Huacas, for example, mirror the shapes of the surrounding mountain peaks.  And the Urubamba Valley, known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is a reflection of the Milky Way on earth, the Incas believed.  I suspect that’s where my London shaman-friend was coming from when he suggested yesterday I look into the star constellations over the Rainbow Shower.

Anyway, take a look at the celestial mirrors that revealed themselves at the Rainbow Shower…

Revelations #5: Celestial Mirrors, Jamming with Birds (Feb 20)

…first, at the starting position (above)… the Rainbow Shower with the nine star points marked on it as I discovered them over the last 11 months.  (Here goes that number 11 again!)

In the left shot, you can see the Gemini constellation mirrored on our property when facing East.  No surprise there, since I am a Gemini, as some of you may know.

In the middle shot, you can see the Big Dipper being mirrored when facing North.  The end of the Big Dipper, the Polaris star, which has been used for navigational purposes for millennia (it appears as if all other stars rotate around it), has had a particular significance in my business life – to do with IBM and its mainframes.

Finally, for now anyway, in the right shot you can see the body of the Orion constellation and Sirius as seen when facing North.  I actually saw the flipside image of the same picture since I was facing South.  An extended line from Orion’s waste toward the East did hit Sirius.  Again, no surprise there.  Sirius A is Elizabeth’s home star, while Sirius B (the Dogon star) is mine, as some of you may know (see Altzar’s Rebirth & Mantras, Feb 2009).

Also, while Elizabeth and I were relaxing in the spa on Saturday afternoon, first one, then two, then three red cardinals from three different directions and trees wanted to “talk” to me.  So I whistled back to them, changing the tune every once in a while.  They also adjusted their tunes accordingly.

Elizabeth was fascinated to see and hear me “jam” with the birds.

Then I heard the “psst, psst…” again – the sound of a hummingbird.  I pointed it out to Elizabeth though I could not see him this time. KindiWithout thinking, however, I whistled back the way I “talk” to the cardinals.  And suddenly the sound changed from “psst, psst…” to a cardinal’s melody.  Then a second cardinal one joined us.  I told Elizabeth that must be Apu Huaskaran again with Santa Tierra Quollor Nusta, his female expression.  They were perfectly synchronized in some parts of the melody, yet different in others.

We kept “jamming” like that for about 5 minutes.  That’s when I told the bird spirits that, “I am done” and am turning off my microphone. And that’s it, for now… as far as revelations go.

I just realized I am writing all this on 2/22/2010, another auspicious date (double #11 day). Which is also a #9 day numerologically.  A “coincidence?”  Nah… no such thing.  Not at the Rainbow Shower, anyway.


UPDATE MAY 2, 2010

And then it was done. It took me three months to construct this planetarium over our hilly, 7-acre property in Maui. At times I had to rely on Elizabeth to help, especially with geodesic measurements of key celestial network nodes.  We even used helium balloons to raise them above the jungle treetops so I could see the “central sun” – the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu – from the surrounding hills.

Here’s a story about the end of this three-month project…

Living a Dream

Celestial Chakanas-Apuchetas, Hawaiian Mesa, Sacred Trails… Come Together on May Day 2010

HAIKU, Maui, May 2, 2010 – “May Day, May Day” is a signal of distress at sea (act

ually spelled, “mayday, mayday”).  May Day was also a Communist Labor Day, a thinly disguised celebration of Primavera (Spring).  For me, this year’s May 1 was the day a long time dream came to a fruition.  I didn’t plan it that way.  I had no completion deadline in mind.  It just happened to be the day I finished the last of eight three-dimensionalChakanas-Apuchetas that form a celestial grid around the Huaca.

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I am ALTZAR, the Rainbow Giver from the Dogon star. I am a child of the Universe, I am a ray of the original Sun. I am a link between Heaven and Earth. I am Wholeness, I am Love… and I love You.

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Select stories/music… Flossie: In the Eye of the Storm (, July 29, 2013); Divan je kiceni Srem (July 29, 2013);  AHA Evolution 2013: Connecting Rainbow Shower to Crop Circles (July 23, 2013); Albert & Victoria Reunited at Sea on “America II” (July 20, 2013); “Blue Danube” in Hawaii (June 28, 2013); Arizona Desert Quest 2013 (PDF, Mar-Jun, 2013); Rise of New Evil Empire (May 17, 2013); Amantani Initiation & Ascension (Dec 29, 2012)

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Created 2009-2013 by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic.  All rights reserved.


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