Notes re. Conversations with Spirits via Don Sebastian, Nicolas, Session #1, Monday night


Bob-Shaman-July-2008This was my third trip to Peru in as many years. And my third ordination as an Inca shaman by the Andean mountain spirits (Apus) themselves. This one was led by the famed Inca shaman Don Sebastian whom I have also met on my previous pilgrimages. His son, Nicolas, acted as an interpreter.

“You should use both your prayers and your hands and let Apu Huaskaran work through you,” Don Sebastian said.  “You will become a big and powerful shaman, the Apus (mountain spirits) are telling me…. You are a big one among the big shamans.”

He said he was honored to have been a part of this ceremony, facilitating the link with the Andean mountain spirits. And I replied that I was utterly humbled by it.

URUBAMBA, Peru, Jan 25, 2010 – Don Sebastian and his son Nicolas and I spent about four hours over two days during which Don Sebastian contacted the Andean mountain spirits through coca leaves and prayers.

Confirmed Hawaii Mission

He confirmed my mission at my property in Maui is to awaken the Hawaiian volcano spirits and to facilitate their connection to the Apus in the Andes via ceke lines.

He also confirmed that Apu Huascaran is my benefactor Apu, along with his female expression, Santa Tierra Quollor Nusta.  (The Incas believed that there are male and female stars.  Thus Quollor (Star, pronounced Kolyor) Nusta (Female) is the name for he feminine expression of Apu Huaskaran).

(Mount Huaskaran is the highest peak of the Peruvian Andes at 22,100 feet – see two photos of this peak and a lagoon).

Don Sebastian told me that from now on, when I call on the Apus, I should only call on Apu Huascaran and Quollor Nusta, the masculine and the feminine expressions of this Apu.

“They will help you carry out your mission,” he said.  He also verified that I can do it by myself, without the help of other shamans.

Working on My Mesa, Kullas

Don Sebastian then checked each kulla in my mesa and found them all to be very powerful, except for one heart-shaped coral from Maui.  “You should work on that on to charge it more with your prayers.”

I told him what Apu Huascaran has told us about how to charge our kullas (see Conversations with Spirits, May-June 2009).

Don Sebastian listened carefully and finally said, “that’s the best advice anyone could have given you about how to empower your mesa and keep it charged.”  He complimented me on taking Apu Huascaran’s words seriously and putting them into practice.

Powerful Shaman

Don Sebastian then threw some more coca leaves and said that the spirits were telling him that I would “become a big and powerful shaman.”

Answering my question, he said that the “special gift” with which I was born, to which Apu Huascaran referred last June during the Altomesayok Journey (see Conversations with Spirits, May-June 2009), was “the great knowledge you have and the power you have been given to heal people.”

“You should use both your prayers and your hands and let Apu Huascaran work through you,” DS said.  “You will become a big and powerful shaman, the spirits are telling me.”

He added that he wants us to do a Despacho tomorrow morning for Apu Huascaran to empower my mesa even more with his great power. We agreed to meet again at 11 tomorrow morning.

Don Sebastian also worked on Elizabeth to clear any blockages in her energies. Since this was a private session, it shall remain private.

Conversations with Mountain Spirits, Session #2, Tuesday Morning

URUBAMBA, Peru, Jan 26, 2010 – Don Sebastian and his son Nicolas came back to our hotel room, and we made a Despacho while chatting amiably.

Elizabeth, the Urubamba hotel owner/manager, not “my” Elizabeth, acted as an interpreter, although Nicolas’ English is quite adequate.

After the Despacho was prepared, Don Sebastian threw the coca leaves for one last time.  He then made what sounded like an shamanic re-initiation speech.  He said he was honored to have been a part of this ceremony, facilitating the link with the mountain spirits.  And based on everything he has seen and felt, he said that I was “a big one among the big shamans.”  I replied that I was the one who felt honored to be working with such a famous Inca shaman as Don Sebastian.

Then the two Inca shamans conducted another Karpai (rite of passage) ceremony.   It was the third time that I have received an Inca shaman’s powers in a karpai.  The first time, it was on Mount Ausengate in 2008.  The second time, it was at Intipunko (Gateway to the Sun), opposite Mount Wakai Willke.  And the third time now in Urubamba.

We spent about three hours together, finishing up in the sunlit hotel yard, where we sent Despacho to the spirit realm by burning it. Which is the Inca way.




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