Music is the way God speaks to our souls



Music was my first love.  Music has been a part of my being even before I knew what love was. That’s because music is the way God speaks to our souls. “Then God is shouting into mine,” Beethoven was once quoted as saying. 

Unlike Beethoven, I have been an unfaithful lover in this lifetime. I abandoned music in my junior high school year in favor of more popular teenage endeavors – basketball, girls, booze, partying.

My late father, an engineer in this lifetime, played a part in it. “How will you support your family as a pianist?” he told me when I was 16. So I became an engineer, too. But I never really worked as one except for the first six months after graduation.

Of course, I did not totally abandon music. At least not right away. I always had a piano in my home. And I continued playing a few of my classical pieces, but mostly just improvised by ear playing popular music (e.g., Beatles, Floyd Cramer, etc.). 

But when I started working as a war correspondent in 1989, the music had gone out of me. The following 16 years were muted in my music soul. It took a traumatic divorce in 2005 to bring it back. In tiny dribbles at first. Then in bigger bursts in early 2008 and 2009. And then the tap opened after our trip to London in October 2010.

After that, music flowed freely in and out of my soul, sometimes in wild bursts, The Divine channel was open.

And it remains open to this day. My spirit guides keep sending me musical messages in dreamtime and daytime. And I keep recording them – 944 Youtube videos in the last 10 years, at least half of them devoted to music. And sometimes they have a deeper (alchemical) meanings than just the sound vibrations.

Here are some steps I took on my musical ascent.

ALTZAR’S MUSIC 2008-2010 music-3

And now, within the above, here are some recordings that were especially significant in terms of their spiritual connection.


ALTZAR’S MUSIC (2011-2013) music-3

The year before the doomsayers’ ‘end of the world’ (2012) – 2011 – the pivotal year in my personal spiritual ascent – started out with the arrival of the magnificent Tibetan bowls in February. And right away, I started to establish their connection with the chakras and the soul seven soul rays and the seven days of the week.

Check out these notes from my Journal dated Feb 16 and Feb 22, 1011, and the color-coding of the Tibetan bowls.

Within a few days, I also color-coded the same way the score of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Feb 24, 2011). And then I integrated the East and the West via the music channel by recording the Moonlight sonata both on my piano and the Tibetan Bowls.

Check it out:

“Moonlight Sonata” with Tibetan Bowls at Rainbow Shower Sacred Huaca-Heiau

As I was recording this video, unbeknownst to me at the time, a tragedy struck thousands of miles to the west of Hawaii. The 3-11-11 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami killed tens of thousands of people in Japan. So I dedicated my East-West musical creation to the victims of this natural disaster. Here’s a note about it:

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 10, 2011 –  I have been working on the score for Tibetan bowls’ accompaniment of my piano version of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” for several weeks.  Finally, I recorded it in stages between Mar 3-8, and edited the clips into this music video on March 10.  I finished it just as the devastating earthquake struck Japan.  So I dedicated this, as well as my subsequent Tibetan bowls “solo” recorded at the Rainbow Shower sacred Huaca-Heiau as a Love Despacho to the Japanese quake/tsunami victims.

And a few weeks later, I also did a Water-Fire Healing Ceremony for Japan.

Lessons in Tough Love

Yet, as I mourned and prayed for the Japanese victims and their families, my spirit guides were already helping me see that some of the natural disasters were Gaia-Pachamama-Mother Earth’s way of reacting to our transgressions against her.

March 14, 2011: An Essay on Japan Quake/Tsunami: Why Japan?

Lessons in Tough Love

 Mother Earth is not amused and has let her wayward children know… more than once; Three major reasons why Japan and the rest of us are being taught a lesson

Writing this piece was the start of our mission as the Steward of the Earth, although I was not aware of it at the time. But only four months later, the penny dropped in a fascinating heart- and body-rendering soul regression session on the Big Island (see Shepherd Steward of the Earth , July 18, 2011).


Next on my musical spiritual ascent came the music of the four elements of creation. It was inspired by my walk through the bamboo forest at Waimoku Falls on Saint Patrick’s Day 2011 – see St. Patrick’s Day 2011: Exciting, Unpredictable (Mar 17, 2011). Here’s a video clip:

Over the next couple of weeks, I created my own music of the four elements. Three months later, my soul (Altzar) would morph into each of the four elements in a soul  regression session. And that happened in the exact same order as they were composed:

“So I ‘just’ need to do the universe journey part – where the Sun and God’s eye appear to Altzar – and then integrate it all together,” I wrote after that regression session. “I am sure that musical download is coming soon, too” (see Shepherd Steward of the Earth, July 18, 2011).

And then it did. And it was a musical journey through the universe on the wings of Gypsy music. And some of my own.

Gypsy Flag

Aug 7, 2011


The next step on the ladder of my musical ascent was truly magical.  Here’s an excerpt from that story:

Aug 7, 2011 was one of those rare days when all of you, my friends and family and my extended family around the world, will have a chance to part-take in a truly magical, divine experience.  Early this morning, I received a divine download of truly heavenly music. It is not just soul music.  It is the Song of My Soul.  And I want to share its divine beauty and power as a gift with you and your soul.

My spirit guides woke me up at 3AM after about a three-hour sleep.  The music of the “Song of My Soul” was playing.  It was a tune  based on Smetana’s “Vltava.” But it was there was a lot more to it.  Very powerful stuff.  There were many unique layers and some original music which I knew was mine.  Well, strike that.  I meant it was the music created by my music spirit guides as I was waking up.  And that included Tibetan bowls.  

Imagine that… connecting the East and the West again. 

I tried going back to sleep but I could not.  Constantine and my guides would not let me.  So I got up at 4AM.  I am beginning to realize that my “old life” patterns are now over. I sleep and create when my spirit guides want me to, not when I feel like.  They are the ones in charge.  As I went to the office, I smiled at the thought of what the Teacher said about the Scribe’s “obedience” in Kona.  Guess waking up at 3AM letting your guides drive your boat is a form of ultimate obedience. 🙂  

Meanwhile, back to the “Song of My Soul” music video I have just made, everything you are about to see has been done live and spontaneously.  I had no idea what would happen before I started to record. It is not a studio quality performance.  But the tears are real.  This video is but one checkpoint on the Trail of Tears that I had embarked on when I started the process of intuiting and deleting the Constantine and my other warrior lifetimes.  You will see more on that shortly.

Here’s the recording my the Song of My Soul I made that day:

For more, see…


Over four months later, just before Christmas 2011, when a Jewish friend of mine heard me play the Song of My Soul for him at our home Maui, he said something that was quite amazing. A similar melody is also Israel’s national anthem known as Hatikvah (The Hope). And he proved it by playing a video of it on the web.

By then, I had already had a number of revelations about some of my significant past Hebrew lives. So the musical download I received on Aug 7, 2011 felt more like a confirmation than a surprise (see SOME OF MY OLD TESTAMENT INCARNATIONS in Some of ALTZAR’S past lifetimes).


You can see clearly from the above narrative how music and my other revelations were weaving my current past lives into a spiritual fabric like a beautiful tapestry.

September 24, 2011


Elizabeth and I were less than a week away from starting our Pilgrimage Along an epic experience in Europe.

Travel along Spine of Europe for Love and Peace

   An Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage

Clearing European Continental Chakras of Constantine’s and Other Warrior Energies

But my spirit guides would not let me rest before the trip. They woke me up in the middle of the night to feed me this music that inspired both Göthe and Beethoven into creating unforgettable works of art. This is what I wrote about that day:

Things like this don’t happen unless they are meant to happen.  Ever heard a tune in your dream that you’ve made into a film by the end of the same day?  I haven’t.   Yet that’s exactly what happened today.  The music video you’re about to see is the evidence.

“Figlio Perduto” (“Lost Son”) by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

And so yet another piece of music and verse was woven in the fabric of my spiritual ascension.  About a month later, in Inch, Ireland, I also learned to play it on my flute.

“I once was lost, but now am found,” the verse from the Amazing Grace lyrics echoed in my soul.

Except that back then, on Sept. 24, 2011, I did not know that was a verse from “Amazing Grace.” Nor did I know that song. That revelation was to come later on in November of that year, after we had returned to the US from our European pilgrimage.


And this is how it happened, during our December 2011 trip to New York:

NEW YORK, Dec 9, 2011 – Elizabeth and I were relaxing in the hotel spa, getting ready to turn in early tonight.  We have to get up at 5AM tomorrow morning.  Which is midnight the day before Hawaiian time.  So the last thing on my mind was to do more work.  Well, what happened next is another proof that I am not the one driving this boat…

I started to hear this beautiful haunting tune.  I had no idea what it was.  I thought it had something to do with Christmas.  Maybe inspired my by “Christmas in New York”-story and video production I created earlier today? (see Dancing Holiday Windows of New York).  But to me, it sounded like some ancient Scottish-Celtic tune.  I was hearing the bag pipes playing it.

When we came back up to the room, I picked my flute and started playing the tune.  Elizabeth was in the shower.  I heard her started to hum it.  So I knew I was onto something.

When she got out, I asked her what it was. “‘Amazing Grace,’ of course,” evidently amazed that I didn’t know (by John Newton (1725-1807).

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 11, 2011 – After we came home from New York last night, I got to work on a “Rainbow Shower (One Man) Band” version of the “Amazing Grace.”  Here it is.  The orchestra sound includes two pianos, two flutes, three Tibetan bowls and a Peruvian shaman’s rattle and a special vocal overlay.   This mix is my musical gift to you for Christmas.  A personal Christmas message video from Elizabeth and I is to follow.  A part of is also incorporated here as an Introduction.

An “Amazing Grace” Orchestral Mix – by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic (Dec 11)

And that turned out to be the last of many memorable steps I took in 2011 on my ascent up the musical ladder toward immortality.




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