Music is the way God speaks to our souls



Music was my first love.  Music has been a part of my being even before I knew what love was. That’s because music is the way God speaks to our souls. “Then God is shouting into mine,” Beethoven was once quoted as saying. 

Unlike Beethoven, I have been an unfaithful lover in this lifetime. I abandoned music in my junior high school year in favor of more popular teenage endeavors – basketball, girls, booze, partying.

My late father, an engineer in this lifetime, played a part in it. “How will you support your family as a pianist?” he told me when I was 16. So I became an engineer, too. But I never really worked as one except for the first six months after graduation.

Of course, I did not totally abandon music. At least not right away. I always had a piano in my home. And I continued playing a few of my classical pieces, but mostly just improvised by ear playing popular music (e.g., Beatles, Floyd Cramer, etc.). 

But when I started working as a war correspondent in 1989, the music had gone out of me. The following 16 years were muted in my music soul. It took a traumatic divorce in 2005 to bring it back. In tiny dribbles at first. Then in bigger bursts in early 2008 and 2009. And then the tap opened after our trip to London in October 2010.

After that, music flowed freely in and out of my soul, sometimes in wild bursts, The Divine channel was open.

And it remains open to this day. My spirit guides keep sending me musical messages in dreamtime and daytime. And I keep recording them – 944 Youtube videos in the last 10 years, at least half of them devoted to music. And sometimes they have a deeper (alchemical) meanings than just the sound vibrations.

Here are highlights of some steps I took on my musical ascent between 2008 and 2013.

ALTZAR’S MUSIC 2008-2010 music-3

ALTZAR’S MUSIC (2011-2013)




HAIKU, Maui, Apr 15, 2012 – For Stewards of the Earth (SOE), however, every day is an Earth Day.  And for this Steward of the Earth, today was the “Earth Day 2012.” The music video you are about to watch is my gift to Gaia-Pachamama as well as her present to all of us.

How’s that possible?  Because we co-created.  You could say that this video is a co-production between the Earthly and the Spiritual realms.  And this is how this unusual collaboration developed. 

For more, see…


HAIKU, Maui, Apr 24, 2012 – Even after all these years of experiencing forms of serendipity almost every day, I still get amazed by perfect synchronicity which the Spirit displays from time to time. What happened yesterday was the latest case in point.

My longtime artist-friend from Sedona, Arizona, Cher Lyn, also a fellow-Steward of the Earth, graciously offered a year ago to do an Altzar Soul Painting for me.

The painting has so many layers and depth that it will probably take me weeks (years?) to process them all. Like, for example, that man clad in a white cape whose profile looks like Franz Liszt with a white dove on his right shoulder/


Meanwhile, I took this case of synchronicity as the Spirit’s message to me that the painting needs to be “unveiled” as part of my “El Condor Pasa” video production.  So voila… enjoy!

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 28, 2012 – By now, we’ve all seen more than our share of amazing and unexpected when it comes to dealing with the Spirit realm. But what happened this morning surpasses even the most surprising of this writer’s past experiences. 

It all started fairly innocuously. I started playing Beethoven and ended up jamming with Moliendo Cafe and West African bongos. Then a group of Portuguese dancers from Braga joined us. And that’s when the fun began.

Ultimately, Moliendo Cafe and the Portuguese dancers helped light the way to a mystery that has eluded mankind for thousands of years: the exact location of Atlantis.

For the full story, check out…



Once again, music was the cosmic channel that led me to this discovery.

Nov 5, 2012

Mozart Piano Concerto #21 – Special Tribute to 12-21-12 (Nov 5, 2012)

To Pele with Love  (Nov 29, 2012)

An original composition based on musical gift from Pele received at Kilauea Volcano on 11-24-2012 – in Bob Altzar Djurdjevic’s interpretation on piano, two drums, two shaman’s rattles, Japanese flute, Tibetan Tingsha bell with the wind of the Kilauea volcano as “vocals”.


Jan 13, 2013


In early 2013, upon my return from Amantani Island where I had an amazing 12-21-12 experience, I created this new musical piece which combines the elements of the Andean and the Himalayan cultures with that in Polynesia (Hawaii, the New Lemuria):

To Pele and Andean & Himalayan Apus with Love – Music for the Ages that transcends space and time – from the Himalayas to Hawaii (New Lemuria) to the Andes to Europe and back to the Himalayas – a circle of life and history of this planet in sights and sounds – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – part of Peru 2012: Toward 12-21-12- Shift series of films

May 2013


When the Light Beings counseled me about my upcoming Desert Quest back in February, they basically told me to refrain from doing too much music. Well, that’s like asking me not to breathe too much.

I managed to hold my breath for a few weeks (though we did attend some Phoenix Symphony concerts). But after awhile, I just had to inhale again.

You’ve already seen and heard above my “El Condor Pasa” rendition recorded on May 13, 2013 at the Boynton Canyon in Sedona.


Another piece of music that dominated my Third Ear during the Desert Quest of 2013 was Johann Strauss’ “Blue Danube.” Here’s a recording I made in June 2013, after we got back to Maui from the Desert Quest:

Here’s that the Light Beings told me about that experience:

“‘Blue Danube’ is actually an ancient shamanic dream or transept” (Ancient Egyptian spirit, June 5, 2013)

“You are coaxing more out of this music than was originally there” (Light Beings, June 6, 2013)

HAIKU, Maui, June 28, 2013 – The “Blue Danube” music first came to me in dreamtime six weeks ago while still on aDesert Quest in Arizona (May 16-17). I knew instantly it was a message from my Spirit guides, though not exactly what it was. I have been peeling that onion ever since.  And almost every day, a new aspect of the Blue Danube revealed itself.

“You are coaxing more out of music than was originally there,” the Light Beings told me on June 6 in a channeling session with Earl Backman.

I found 11 different themes woven into this 8-minute waltz. And no, this is not just a “fluffy waltz” as I used to think of it dismissively as a young pianist. It is a tour de force of nature’s sounds, an “Ode de Gaia” – a “Song of and for Mother Earth” that Strauss was evidently unaware he was writing. Which is why it was so appropriate that I should dedicate it to Gaia-Pachamama.

“Blue Danube is actually an ancient shamanic dream or transept, ” an ancient Egyptian Spirit who ascended 3,500 years ago told me in a June 5 discussion.  

“Vienna used to be one of those ancient shamanic sites where these people would gather,” he added. “It was a site a lot of Stonehenge with almost perfect acoustics.”

This Spirit who has access to Akashic Records also explained that Strauss and I knew each other as ancient shamans who lived in Vienna before the city was known as such.


For more on this, check out…

And that concludes the musical highlights from my first ALTZAR.ORG website. You can access all of my musical creations since August 2013 at this website –

END OF PART 2, 2012-2013




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