While eyes in the awakened world were on 2012, the ‘end of the world’-year, according to doomsayers’ view of the ancient Mayan calendar, the year before – 2011 – was actually the pivotal year in my personal spiritual ascent. It is only now, in hindsight, that I fully grasp the enormous significance of what happened that the year. 2011 laid the foundation for and prepared me for the actions I took in 2012 on a planetary and cosmic scale.

In early 2011, a set of 11 Tibetan bowls arrived at our home on Maui, each bowl representing one of the notes in a music scale.  That alone, spawned a myriad of revelations and musical creations which brought together the East and the West (see DISCOVERING MUSIC AS A COSMIC CHANNEL (Part 1, 2008-2011).

2011 was also the year of fascinating revelations about my past lives, full of enlightened conversations with the spirit realm through various channelers. In one such instance, on 7-11-11, the triple #11 day, I actually fused with all four elements and traveled through the universe right to the Godhead (see Shepherd Steward of the Earth, July 18, 2011). Here’s a video about that experience:

Multidimensional Journey through the Mother Earth, the Universe

It was that experience that actually gave rise to the idea of founding the Stewards of the Earth group of planetary caretakers. We started with 50 or so shamans and other concerned earthlings in Jan 2012. And by the end of 2017, there were about 10,000 of us in virtually every country in the world.

2011 was also a year of fascinating revelations about my past lives… dozens of them. Here are some highlights:

Constantius_Jova Victoria Albert Eliz Bob


Perhaps the biggest undertaking of the whole year was a monthlong epic pilgrimage Elizabeth and I took along the European chakras, from York in England to Constantinople (Istanbul) in today’s Turkey to clear the Constantine warrior energies from the Old Continent:

Europe 2011: Epic Pilgrimage along Spine of Europe (Oct 2011)

For more on the pivotal year 2011, check out the http://altzar.org/spiritual/ section of the first ALTZAR website.


This story is just a checkpoint on an evolutionary journey that started millions of years ago. It focuses only on the three years – 2009-2012. That’s when the fastest and the most extraordinary changes took place at the sacred shamanic altar at the Rainbow Shower.

But changes happen all the time. We only evolve with them if we notice them, and take action to pass on the gift of change to others so they can also benefit from it. 

HAIKU, Maui, May 18, 2012 – All of this adds up to evolution of knowledge and wisdom, growing awareness of who we are, why we are here, and what we are to do.

I have already share with you the “big picture” changes, the evolution of my understanding of the origins of this planet, of the ley lines and of how we can use Ceke lines to understand and affect seismic and other planetary energetic events. If you have not seen these stories, I suggest you peruse them before we go on with this one:

And now, here’s also a video about the evolution of the sacred shamanic altar…

For the full story, check out… http://www.altzar.org/2012/Evolution%20of%20AHA.html

Anahata Initiation Fire Ceremony – Short Version (Sep 1, 2011)


Not all channelers are equal, Not all can be trusted sources. Some of the spirit messages get “polluted” by the channeler’s emotions. This is why it is important for us to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. And keep the wheat while discarding the chaff.

Here’s an excerpt from a discussion I had about that in late April 2012 with Three Light Beings from another galaxy:

3LB: Shamans, as you know, in terms of how you work, you work in multiple dimensions as well. And what is important in trying to distinguish between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness – those forces of Light that are intended for soul progress, moving forward, balance, compassion… those positive virtues, or those virtues that your society sees as positive – versus the malevolent dark forces that are meant to tempt, to lead astray, etc.  It’s important that… [sigh, pause] that earth beings tune in to the nature of the force they are feeling, the individuals, the gods and goddesses.

And if a pretender to a master has goals that are not consistent with the evolution of humanity, you make that decision on whether or not it is an impostor based on what you sense the modus operandi and the goals of the spirit are.

LBs: What we can best say is that with respect to all channelings is, that no matter who the channeler is, and no matter the source of the material, it is never going to resonate, or feel accurate or positive for every single recipient of the information. There are channels and channelers – the channels being the source of the information, the channeler being the earth being that’s bringing this information forth.

For the rest of our discussion click on:

On Channeling & Channelers (Apr 2012)

And now, with that as a caveat, here’s a selection of 2011 channeling sessions:

Sananda Jeshua ALTZAR astral birthday logo

Sananda Jeshua“If I were to tell you about all your incarnations, it would be a book this thick [he makes a sign with his fingers about four inches wide]” (Channeler for Yeshua-Jesus, Nov 20, 2011)





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