I may not have been fully aware of that at the time, but now in hindsight, I can assert that 2012 was “ascension on steroids.” At least for this writer.

2012 was supposed to be the end of the world year, according to doomsayers’ reading of the Mayan calendar. Instead, it turned out to be a new beginning. The beat goes on. And so does the world.

For me, 2011 was the setup, 2012 the execution with a dramatic finish on 12-21-12 at the 12,700-ft high Pachatata Temple on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca in Peru (see Amantani Initiation and Ascension).

But that was the pinnacle, there have been many signs and mileposts I received from my spiritual guides through intuition and channeling sessions. In fact, 2012 was the most active year in this respect in my entire life so far.




On Channeling & Channelers (2012)




Not all channelers are equal, Not all can be trusted sources. Some of the spirit messages get “polluted” by the channeler’s emotions. This is why it is important for us to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. And keep the wheat while discarding the chaff.

Here’s an excerpt from a discussion I had about that in late April 2012 with Three Light Beings from another galaxy:

3LB: Shamans, as you know, in terms of how you work, you work in multiple dimensions as well. And what is important in trying to distinguish between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness – those forces of Light that are intended for soul progress, moving forward, balance, compassion… those positive virtues, or those virtues that your society sees as positive – versus the malevolent dark forces that are meant to tempt, to lead astray, etc.  It’s important that… [sigh, pause] that earth beings tune in to the nature of the force they are feeling, the individuals, the gods and goddesses.

And if a pretender to a master has goals that are not consistent with the evolution of humanity, you make that decision on whether or not it is an impostor based on what you sense the modus operandi and the goals of the spirit are.

LBs: What we can best say is that with respect to all channelings is, that no matter who the channeler is, and no matter the source of the material, it is never going to resonate, or feel accurate or positive for every single recipient of the information. There are channels and channelers – the channels being the source of the information, the channeler being the earth being that’s bringing this information forth.

For the rest of our discussion click on: On Channeling & Channelers (Apr 2012).  And now, with that as a caveat, here’s a selection of 2012 channeling sessions.


Here’s first a 14-minute film I have just created as a digest and excerpt of the fascinating 1-03-2012 channeling of the Light Beings as my spirit guides. Everything we discussed in that session came true, and MUCH MORE. Enjoy!

And now, the “rest of the story:”

Here’s an audio excerpt of the first 15 minutes of the session. For those of you who are not native English speakers, I suggest you hit CC for Closed Caption (subtitles):


Excerpts: You are a very advanced soul. You have been incarnating on Earth for millennia. But you should also know that in between your incarnations on Earth, or at times, even at the same time, you had had an incarnation on Earth, you had incarnations in other planetary star systems in the universe.


While you have had some incredible past life experiences, we can sense that in your energy space on Earth, you have had equally powerful incarnations in other realms.

You have had a more balanced pattern of incarnations between Earth and other celestial bodies in the universe.  

You have a different purpose. You are and have been and continue to be a CONVEYOR OF KNOWLEDGE. You are a SEEKER. You are perpetually seeking more and more knowledge, more and more understanding.

Clearly.,,, you are a 3rd say soul.  So it makes sense that you are a seeker. You have an insatiable appetite to learn, and equally insatiable desire to teach.

We can see now that it would be very positive if you WROTE MORE, if you PUBLISHED your knowledge for GREATER DISTRIBUTION, not only in your country (USA), but elsewhere.

You have brought forward into this life a great deal of knowledge base on your DNA from past lives, both in the early realm, but also in other realms. You have learned to tap into that knowledge base, as well the knowledge you acquired through your experiences and education.

So we reiterate: You are a TEACHER. You are a SCHOLAR.  You are a WRITER. All this information you have acquired needs to be distributed in a variety of formats as you find time to do it.

PEARLS MastersYou have a way with words.  You have the ability to integrate concepts. You have the ability to assimilate various (disparate pieces of) information into single pieces that show the connection that exists with various bodies of knowledge.

You have a knowledge of the Spiritual realm as well as the Earthly realm

You have, in fact, fulfilled, much of your soul intention work that you decided upon prior to this incarnation. If we were to say that you have taken on “extra credit” work, it would be to do what we’ve just said

Write more; distribute it; involve more individuals; be out there in more public kind of way.

Yang-Yin-EarthYou have… [choosing words] this BALANCE between many, many lives on Earth, and many, many lives elsewhere, which is UNIQUE.

You are also balanced, as you are aware, so we are going to confirm it, on the female-male side.

Which means also that you have balance between your left brain and your right brain.  You have a very analytical, very rational left brain that operates very well.  But you have an equally developed right brain that allows you to function from your place of INTUITION – where you received the channeled information from your guides and teachers.

So what we are seeing in your energy space, you have an incredible, in fact, we might say, EXTRAORDINARY BALANCE.  Which is why you are able to assimilate information from different Masters. Many individuals cannot do that. They can receive information from one Master, but not often two.

Because of your experiences living in multiple dimensions, you also have a more unique ability to feel in balance wherever you are. Because you have traveled so much, both in this incarnation and elsewhere, you have the facility to feel somewhat comfortable wherever you are in your physical body.

Also, see…

MOZART “MUSIC OF RAINBOWS” (Piano Concerto #21)




On Stewards of the Earth Work


Many earth beings see the destruction of the volcanoes.  But volcanoes give life as well.  And you understand this. They have meaning. (see Volcanoes: Mother Earth’s Way of Giving Birth, Jan 19, 2012).

You are like a connecting rod between these various places on the planet.  Two of which you have named. But they are not the only two.

So we can tell you that you are going to be doing some more specific traveling areas of mountains, to areas of volcano activity, to connect these various locations with one another.






And indeed, that’s what happened throughout 2012 – see the above Healing Ceremonies I did around the world during that seminal year. And also the result – a substantial reduction in major earthquake activities. (see QUIETEST SEISMIC YEAR IN A DECADE! – Stewards of the Earth did make a difference: Thank you!).

LIGHT BEINGS: It will be increasingly important not just in 2012, but in subsequent years as well.  Because Stewards of this planet must step forward at this time. And they must write and educate and assist others in understanding why taking care of Planet Earth is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE.

There is going to be much more of that in years to come, elsewhere.  And you are to continue to highlight this. And not just in terms of, as we have said, with volcanoes, but with earthquakes, with floods, with massive natural disasters. That is Mother Earth’s way of not only cleansing the earth, but assisting the earth beings to get their priorities straight.

SOE earth globes


BOB: for the third year in a row, because of the logistical hassles involved with air travel, my number on New Year’s Resolution has been to travel LESS.  And I had to laugh when I look back at that happened. So that only goes to show us that I am not the one driving the boat.

LBs: [48:00] That is true, Bob.  And the Spiritual realm knows this.  What is useful for you to know, is that your guides and teacherCaptain tillers actually chuckled when they heard you say that [ 🙂 ], as they do to Earl and Linda when they talk about traveling less.  What you have accepted is that you are in the boat, and you do not control when the wind blows, orfubo how hard the wind blows. There are times when Spirit allows you to put your hand on the tiller, to give it some direction, but you do this in conjunction with your agreements with your guides and teachers.  And as long as do not try to be the wind, the tiller and be in the boat – i.e., to do it all.  When you work in a harmonious relationship with your guides and teachers, then you are successful, and will continue to be successful in achieving your soul intentions in this lifetime.


BOB: You know what else happens to me which… I feel I need to be careful about how I say this because I do not wish to come across as cocky or in any way boastful, but I KNOW from experience, that I can affect the weather with my prayers. I don’t know how it happens.  But it does happen. When I ask the Spirit to help with the rain, the rain comes. When I ask for things to happen within the course of taking care of this property, I get help I need.

LBs: There have been shamans throughout the history of this planet, in every society that has existed, who have the capability to affect the weather.  Because of their ability to energetically leave their body and connect the spiritual realm with the earthly needs of the planet. It does happen.  And it has happened throughout the history of planet earth – that certain individuals have this ability… not just to bring rain, but to change other weather phenomena.

BOB: Yes.

LBs: It is not a matter of being narcissistic, egocentric, self-centered.  It is just a matter of dealing from a place of humilityThis is a capability that you have, whereas others have other capabilities.  And therefore (you also have) the responsibility to use it wisely.  

For more, see… CHATTING WITH THE LIGHT BEINGS http://www.altzar.org/Personal/Light%20Beings.html


It was actually this session about my ancient shamanic lives and the lost technologies of the past, including from other stars, that spawned a number of healing ceremonies I did later in 2012, both in the US and in Europe. It contained some fascinating revelations about the history of this planet and the universe, including that of my home star – Sirius B.Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 3.24.05 PM copy.png

Re. my upcoming testimony at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal

The session entailed many initiations and participation from a number of cosmic masters. Here’s just one example:

STAR: “You are now beginning what’s called the cosmic or crystalline ascension. There are very few on this planet that have moved into crystalline ascension. I congratulate you as do all of the Masters who are with me now,” Archangel Michael said.

Your mission is to be the ambassador of the new First Blue Ray of Love, Will and Grace.” If asked for a job title, or a label, you are now the ambassador of new First Blue Ray of Love, Will and Grace.  This is who you are ALTZAR. This is who Aurelius is. This is who Kumara is.” (Star is quoting the Masters).

“You have done well.  And so you are receiving this title. Everything you do will be in Love, Will and Grace from now on.  Blue will emanate from you.”

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 5.14.33 PM copy

Another extremely useful and enlightening session. It shed new light on the Star Rising session on March 28, 2012, and confirmed the veracity of the channel.

  • Your planet is in one of those 25,000­-year cycles. There is a huge transformation going on:
    • Your planet will be in a vastly different place 25,000 years from now ­ IF IT SURVIVES.
    • And the Spiritual realm is doing all it can (to save it), including asking volunteers from other dimensions, other celestial bodies, to participate in the evolution of your planet.
    • “Because there is great concern whether or not your planet can, in fact, survive for another 25,000 years.”
    • “Your solar system and the many, many solar systems that make up your galaxy, and the thousands of galaxies that make up the universe, are literally filled with DEAD PLANETS. As dead as Atlantis. As dead as other early civilizations on your planet.”

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 5.28.33 PM copy

Excerpts from Light Beings’ Group Channeling on 7-26-2012


HAIKU, Maui, July 26, 2012 – The group channeling session that Earl and Linda Backman conducted on July 26 was basically a call to ACTION. The Spirit realm are trying to mobilize the collective energies of the Enlightened Earth Beings.  They see as catalysts of change and want us to step up. Check out these excerpts:



And since we now know the power of the audio vibrations, I have also posted the recording of Earl’s Introduction and the LB Monologue in this section of our web site.

What the Spirit realm are telling us is that we can’t just sit back and point fingers at “them” – “all the other bad guys”, the politicians, the ‘death merchants’, Hollywood or Wall Street.  What they are saying is that we – the Enlightened Earth Beings, as they call us – are just as responsible for the unacceptable level of violence in our country and around the world.  We are responsible – by STAYING SILENT, by letting “them” – the “bad guys” – run roughshod over us.  Because “silence is acquiescence,” as an old saw goes.

For more, click on the above links…





“Survival depends on working in communities, groups; (Hurricane) SANDY was not by accident; storms like this are meant to bring people together”

My Upcoming Trip to Peru (12-21-12) will be a return home: “All the stars are lining up for this return home. You will undergo another spiritual initiation.”

And so I did – on 12-21-12 on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca.









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