I may not have been fully aware of that at the time, but now in hindsight, I can assert that 2012 was “ascension on steroids.” At least for this writer.

2012 was supposed to be the end of the world year, according to doomsayers’ reading of the Mayan calendar. Instead, it turned out to be a new beginning. The beat goes on. And so does the world.

For me, 2011 was the setup, 2012 the execution with a dramatic finish on 12-21-12 at the 12,700-ft high Pachatata Temple on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca in Peru (see Amantani Initiation and Ascension).

But that was the pinnacle, there have been many signs and mileposts I received from my spiritual guides through intuition and channeling sessions. In fact, 2012 was the most active year in this respect in my entire life so far.




One of the things I was guided to do during the Opening of the Star Lion’s Gateway on 8-8-2012, the Infinity Day, was a Zodiac Mystery School. Of course, my spirit guides did not call it name. That’s what I named the project after hearing their guidance. This is what the Solar Lion said to me that day. Solar Lion is the Higher Self of the Sphinx, whose image is projected on the Rainbow Shower (my former Maui property):


[2:35:00 mins] SPHINX: Graces to you, Child of the Sun, for the importance of this query you have brought before us. In admiration of your service, you have been given what you would term, your property.

● If you take this tool that you have before you, it is a simple tool, and yet it is a very valuable tool. For this will show you the points of entry of the Light onto your, as you have labeled it, Rainbow Shower.

● What you are to do is face the top of the pyramid with a picture (map) of your Rainbow Shower. To the East is the first state (or gate?). And the allow yourself to have the head of the Lion facing it.

● Allow yourself to meditate. In these corners (of the triangle) you will see, once you place the photograph of your Rainbow Shower in between these 8’s, where the points are where Light emitting penetrates deeply. These point join up above.

● They have been brought to you as a gift. Allow yourself to receive this gift and this knowledge. As you see in the future, these points, you will find the Truth in Light.

● Each point will have a different meaning. And yet all will come together as One, just as you see the three 8’s before you.

● This, dearest child, will be in unison in the coming year 2013. In particular, it will be very significant to your work in the month of January. You will be working with many others by this time.

These Light Portals are information channels. Go to these points. They will bring you the knowledge you seek. They are gifts that had not been revealed to you until this moment.

● You have asked me and the Solar Lion to bless down upon you the purpose. And this purpose was agreed long ago when we decided to work together on this day, along with the one that you call Star Rising.

● It is within this agreement that this property was gifted to you. It shall become a place of what you term Holy Temple.

● It is a place that will continue to be a part of your life for the remainder of the years you choose to continue your Earth’s journey. It is a place of great vibration. ● And yes, you are correct. I purposely came to you to show you the opening of your truth as one who works with Light, one who works with the Earth, and one who works with the Spirits.

In the coming days, I would ask of you to take your day of 22 ­ this would be the month of Aug 22, Sep 22, Oct 22, Nov 22 and Dec 22.

On each of those days, go to the three points of light that revealed themselves to you. Allow yourself to have, what you would call, a teleconference with those of our Stewards of the Earth through the facilitator through whom I speak.

● Contact those who would enjoy these musings of Truth, and speak the Truth to all who would lend an ear. It is a vibrational frequency day.

● Each day is a day of joining together the Truth of your property, the Truth of the Light that comes from these points, and the Truth of the Abundance the God Body bestowed before you.

An excerpt from… Opening Star Lion’s Gateway: Three Portals of Light at Rainbow Shower (8-08-2012)

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 5.28.33 PM copy


And that’s what I did. In fact, even before Master Sphinx aka Solar Lion gave me those instructions, long before then – while I was still in Arizona in late 2008 – I had discerned those three points of the Triangle of Light. I had even marked them on the property and bought and extra 5 acres of land because one of the points fell outside my original 2-acre property (see the yellow triangle below).

And so, for the remainder of 2012 and into Jan 2013, I did just what the Solar Lion counseled me. And Elizabeth and I recorded all those sessions which I then put together as Zodiac Mystery School broadcasts. Here they are…

 Triangle of Light Series – Virgo + Session Videos – Virgo (8-22-12)

 Triangle of Light Series – Libra + Session Videos – Libra(9-22-12)

 Triangle of Light Series: Scorpio Intro +Story and Photos +Videos+ Some early viewer reactions (10-22-12)

 Triangle of Light Series: Sagittarius Intro +Story, Photo, Videos (11-22-12)

Triangle of Light Series: Capricorn Intro +Story, Photo, Videos (12-22-12)

Triangle of Light Broadcast: Aquarius (1-22-13)  

Seven Zodiac Symbols painted on with each Vermillion petal of the Zodiac wheel of the Rainbow Shower’s sacred place – the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA):

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.24.11 AM copy


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