After two turbulent years, culminating in the 12-21-12 ascension on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca in Peru, 2013 was a year of calming. Both Mother Earth and the earthlings who live on her had been through a lot in the preceding two years.

Here’s how the year began, musically speaking: I integrated the sounds of the ancient Inca shamans with the modern orchestra instruments.


In a 2011 channeling with an ancient Egyptian spirit who ascended 3,500 years ago and who has access to Akashic Records, I found out that in that lifetime as the Inca shaman Hatun Watana, we did indeed use these wall indentations as acoustic chambers, both for ceremonies and for special and healing and even construction purposes (using the power of sound).

Music for the Ages That Transcends Space and Time (Jan 11, 2013)



Personally, I felt that my mission on Maui was coming to an end. And so I sought a confirmation of that intuition from the spirit realm.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 6.55.01 PM copy

Quo Vadis, Apuchin? (Where To, Eagle?)

We see the vision of an eagle standing on a cliff. So you may think about yourself as an Eagle. Not as an earth being with wings, not as a hawk, but as an Eagle. So that is the place we see you standing at this very moment. (LIGHT BEINGS)

Apuchin: (1) Organizing principle of the Hanaqpacha (“Upper World”), the becoming, destiny. Oversees the flow of life, birth and death of galaxies represented by the condor (eagle). 

I just realized for the first time that Apuchin actually consists of two words: Apu – which is a mountain spirit in Quechua, or a Light Being, an angel; and Chin (or Ch’in):

ch’in: (adj) Quiet, silent. (n) Silence. The voice of the mystery.
ch’in pacha: (n) Quiet place; desert. [emphasis added by Altzar]
ch’inyay: (v) To shut up, be quiet.

This linguistic-etymological discovery about the word Apuchin was extremely important. This will become apparent in the next segment of this transcript when the LBs start talking about what I need to do next and where I need to go to (the Arizona desert).

“YOU NEED TO LEAVE YOUR BAGGAGE BEHIND.” (which is exactly how I received it and interpreted it at the time – re. lost bag).

  • You no longer need any props (like Shaman’s Mesa).
  • You no longer need to prove yourself, either to yourself or to the Spiritual realm or to anyone else.

You are, in fact, to back off from your level of communication.

We are saying this because it is through backing off, through shedding some of the aura around you, that you will begin to find yourself for this new stage of your life.

In order for the Eagle to soar, he must first do a few things:

  • Leave behind that which is no longer important or necessary, and, in fact, is an obstacle to your moving forward.  

So what does that mean?

  1. It means leaving the place where you currently are (Rainbow Shower, Maui). Your work is complete there.

You have restored the power of that land. That restoration will continue.  It no longer needs your hands-on guidance. So that is the first thing we want to say – that you have done your work and that you need to move on.

  1. The same is true of your Stewards of the Earth. Your work there is also complete.
  2. You need to return to Scottsdale and drop off the radar screen. Wander through the desert seeking inner guidance.
  3. Greatly reduce your physical awareness and your time commitment with regard to your business consulting.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.10.02 PM copy


Should I Sell Rainbow Shower?

ALTZAR  [40:00 mins]: Yes. My second question was – do you think I should me selling my property here in Maui?  Or should I just kind of take a leave of absence wandering in the desert, and then return here?

LB: That is one of those choices which we would say at this point is truly up to you.  The important thing is that you do need to be in that desert for several months. And you will then find the clarity, we fully expect about the interrelationship from your past lives to where you are right now.

It is not necessary, unless you so choose, to divest yourself of that property in a permanent way. What we are saying is that you no longer need to put energy into that place. You have integrated the spirits of that land into the sacred space, you have accomplished all that you came to do.

And that’s exactly what I did after this channeling session. For several months I went off the radar screen or social networks, emails, text messages or any other kind of telecommunication except for occasional local phone calls. And we returned to Arizona for my Desert Quest 2013,

Arizona Desert Quest 2013 (PDF, Mar-Jun)

Right from the start of my desert quest, I felt the presence of Yeshua (Jesus), who I knew from before was one of my most active spirit guides. With his help, I actually traced the Stations of the Cross on my McDowell Mountain trail, set the music to go with it, and ended atop the Arizona Calvary Hill, at the very same elevation and the same landscape as the one in Jerusalem.

On Easter Sunday, that is where Yeshua gifted me a magic coin which has been guiding me in all my major decisions ever since.

That’s when I also discovered the Kyanite stone from Brazil, which has been aiding me in such visionary quests. And I finished the quest with the help of Johann Strauss and his Blue Danube music,

I also rebuilt my fireplace into a sacred shaman’s altar and 64-field oracle. Which has also helped guide me every day ever since whenever I am at my home in Arizona.


There was much more on this fascinating desert quest. You can see it all here: Arizona Desert Quest 2013 (PDF, Mar-Jun).


When we returned back to Maui in June 2013, I also had two channeling sessions to recap my Arizona Desert Quest experiences.

In this session, the spirit confirmed all my intuitions about my past Philip incarnations. Here’s what the spirit said:

Phillip of Macedon trained his son to unify Asia and Europe. And you might say that Phillip the Disciple helped launch the universal nature of the gospels that eventually became the moral base of the West. And as Phillip II of Spain, you might say that he sponsored enlightenment that made its way into discovery (and growth) of the New World.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.36.52 PM copy.png

The spirit also revealed to me my incarnation as Yaheon, one of Melchizedek’s disciples. There was much more, so check out the above excerpts.

The following day, I also had a channeling session with the Light Beings. Since they sent me off on the desert quest in Arizona, I thought it would be appropriate that they also share in the recap of the results:



This is what they said about my Blue Danube connection at the end of the quest:

“‘Blue Danube’ is actually an ancient shamanic dream or transept” (Ancient Egyptian spirit, June 5, 2013)

“You are coaxing more out of this music than was originally there” (Light Beings, June 6, 2013)


And now, here’s my version of the Blue Danube which I recorded upon return to Maui.


AQUARIUS FULL MOON: Atonement Water Ceremony (Aug 13, 2013)


In the second half of 2013, I basically just coasted spiritually, except for this Full Moon Water Ceremony. But I did play a record a lot of music.

You can pick up all the action from September 2013 until this day at my “new” ALTZAR.NET website where I am also posting these pages.



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