After the turbulent 2011-2012 period, followed by a calming year (2013), I did not feel the need for any more external stimulation. I felt I was getting all the guidance I needed directly from my spirit guides.

It was not until late 2015, that things happened which made me suspect that King James VI and I was one of my past incarnations. So I contacted my trusty AR channeler with access to Akashic Records seeking to confirm that.

And not only was that intuition on the money, I also learned a lot of other fascinating things I did not bargain for. Check out the Highlights below.



Highlights of Jan 2, 2016 Channeling Session

“You are what is called Bodhisattva. It means if you were to incarnate, you chose to do so, not because of karma, but because of dharma – to return and serve humanity. (Spirit)

  • Bodhisattva – Perhaps the most important thing that came out of the session is the confirmation that I am a Bodhisattva – a human being committed to the attainment of enlightenment for the sake of others. And that, therefore, it will be up to me after I pass back to the Spirit to decide whether or not I come back to incarnate again.


  • King James VI and I (1566-1625) – The second most important thing was a confirmation of my intuition that I was King James of Scotland, and later also England and Ireland, the only son of Mary Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart, also known as Lord Darnley.  James was a great sponsor of the arts who wrote several books himself. He also sponsored Shakespeare and inspired several plays in which Shakespeare used ancient rites and characters he had learned about from King James (MidSummer Night’s Dream, Winter’s Tale and MacBeth). Music and the Stuart tartan go back to Atlantean time.


  • ATLANTIS Legacy: Similar Celestial Alignments of Boyne Valley Monuments (Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth) and Giza Pyramids – A byproduct of our discussion of King James and the ancient Scottish/Celtic ancestors was a revelation that the three earth mounds in the Boyne Valley in Ireland – Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth – are aligned with the three stars of the Orion Belt, just like the three pyramids of Giza in Egypt. And that such extraordinary astronomical knowledge in both places so far apart has its roots in Atlantis, as did the Mayans (see Atlantis Mystery: Solved! (May 2012) http://www.altzar.org/2012/Atlantis%20Mystery%20Solved.html.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.21.21 AM copy

  • Composer on Tsar Peter the Great Court (1672-1725) – Another relatively minor revelation was that I was also a composer on the Russian Imperial Court during Peter the Great’s reign in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  • Personal Mandala Already Constructed in 3D – Another fascinating revelation was that I had already constructed my personal Mandala in 3D at the Rainbow Shower in Maui between 2009 and 2011 without realizing that that’s what it was – Flower of Life.

Rainbow Shower Aerial 12

  • My Mother in this lifetime, Dušanka – was Mother Mary’s sister, and also Mary Magdalene’s “very close disciple”
  • Elizabeth F. was a close cousin to me as King James VI and I. I brought to London when I succeeded Elizabeth I on the British throne

Anahata Crop Circles Rainbow Shower


Another pattern that has emerged from my incarnations in the last 500 years is that, whenever I was in a role of a king or ruler, I was a also sponsor or practitioner of arts and sciences, just as I had been thousands of years ago as a shaman. For example…

  • As Pope Julius II (1443-1513), I sponsored Michelangelo, Raphael and many other Renaissance artists to create great works of art on canvas and as sculptures, including the Sistine Chapel ceiling, among others. I also founded the Vatican’s first music choir.
  • As King Phillip II of Spain, Netherlands and New World (1527-1598), I created El Escorial, Aranjuez and other great palaces that served as houses of God and His art gallery. I also sponsored artists, such as El Greco and many others.
  • As King James VI and I (1566-1625), I wrote several books, sponsored a translation of the Bible into English, and nurtured and inspired Shakespeare among others.
  • As Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband and consort (1819-1861), I sponsored both arts and sciences, founding the London Music Conservatory, art colleges and organizing the first World Exhibition.
  • As Franz Liszt (1811-1888), I wrote several Dante Symphony and other highly spiritual music pieces.

In other words, in my incarnations during the last 500 years I continued to work subconsciously as an ancient shaman – by sponsoring other artists to create works with Divine connections, or sometimes even doing it myself. And now, I have come a full circle – becoming a shaman again.

Huayni Picchu Shaman

I have not had any external channeling sessions since January 2016 as I have been receiving direct guidance from my spirit guides.



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