The evening was like a musical fairytale, full of magical moments and even music under candlelights

Last night, we held our first “soirée musique” (musical evening) at my Belgrade flat.  We started around 8 PM and the party lasted till midnight.

The soirée was outstanding in all respects. Like a musical fairytale, The performers and the audience were phenomenal. I could not have wished for better company. And to think that I have only been in Belgrade six days!? Amazing.

I feel as if last night was actually the unofficial opening of the Belgrade Mystery Center – an idea which was born on June 6 in Arizona during my morning meditation. My spirit guides confirmed that to me this evening.

I also felt that, as a result, last night’s soirée was the first group act in raising the vibration of the Serbian nation. My spirit guides also  confirmed that to me this evening.  You’ll be hearing more about the Belgrade Mystery Center as time goes on.

BG Mystery Center logo

Meanwhile, last night’s soirée was not short of mystery and magic, either. We spent a part of the evening under candlelight. The power went out around 10:30 PM. I felt that God’s hand might have arranged that, too. And again, my spirit guides confirmed that intuition this evening as well.

While the power was out, I sat down and started to play Eric Satie Gnossienne No. 1. Under candlelights. I felt as if I were back in the 19th century. Magical moments.

First, here’s a 7:40 min video report/broadcast about this magical evening,


And now, with that as a preamble, I will let the performers take stage in these music video clips I made during our “SOIRÉE MUSIQUe,” starting with Dubravka and Bora Nestorov, my nephew and his wife. Dubravka is an opera singer. Bora is a professional pianist and music professor.


TCHAIKOVSKY NESTOROV DUET AT MY FIRST “SOIRÉE MUSIQUE” – an excerpt from P.I. Tchaikovsky’s song “I will tell you nothing” – performed by Dubravka Nestorov (voice) and Bora Nestorov (piano) – filmed by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic at his Belgrade flat on July 10, 2018.

The Nestorov’s followed this wonderful performance up with another Tchaikovsky song which I did not record. I wanted to just enjoy it. Here are some still shots of them.



Then Bora took the stage with a couple of outstanding piano solos. He first played Chopin and then Rachmaninoff.

BORA NESTOROV PLAYING CHOPIN AT MY FIRST BELGRADE “SOIRÉE MUSIQUE” – filmed by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic at his Belgrade flat on July 10, 2018

Here are now also some still shots taken during Bora’s playing of Chopin.

Bora’s next piece was Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in G-minor. Beautiful! You can see how delighted the audience was, especially on the face of my other nephew Stasa.

BORA NESTOROV PLAYING RACHMANINOFF AT MY FIRST BELGRADE “SOIRÉE MUSIQUE” – filmed by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic at his Belgrade flat on July 10, 2018

And some more still shots…




My nephew, Dr. Stasa Jovanovic, is a university professor at the engineering faculty. But he is also an excellent pianist. Take a listen at these two video clips of Stasa’s playing last night.

And also some more still shots during the performance.



And then at some point after we had finished dinner, the lights went out. Someone said, “welcome to Serbia.” I replied that actually my first thought was that I was back in Hawaii where power failures were quite common.

But on the second thought, I figured it might have been God’s doing. But I kept that thought to myself.  After we lit enough candles which made my flat look both magical and mysterious, I sat down and spontaneousl started to play Eric Satie Gnossienne No, 1 (this an earlier recording I made in 2014).

This music, which to me is all about oceans and water, was actually that revealed to me the importance of balance between the Yin and the Yang as I walked on a Maui in late 2005 (this is a recording I made in 2014).


At the outset of our soirée musique, I told everyone that this evening belongs to them.


“I’ve playing all day,” I said. “And I can continue to play my new piano any time. But this evening, it is your turn.”

Well, by this point, it was getting late, and my friends asked me to play something.

“Okay, but the piece I am thinking of comes with a story,” I said. “Are you ready for both?”

So I first shared with everyone the story about “Concierto de Aranjuez” came to me in March 2009 while I had no idea what that music was. And how it was not even written for piano. It was created by the Spanish composer Rodrigo for Clarinet, Guitar and the Orchestra, as I had later on recorded it myself on my Clavinova.

But it was this Concierto that helped me learn about my incarnation as King Phillip II of Spain, and which five years later (in 2014), actually took me to the wonderful palaces at El Escorial and Aranjuez which he had built.

So with that as a preamble, here’s now my recording of the Concierto on my new piano. Obviously, I could not have filmed myself last night. So I recorded this this morning.


And now, as a “bonus,” you can also see some shots of me watching my video’s on the big TV screen in my room aka “studio” while editing them.














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