Wonderful start to Masters’ #33 day

I woke up with a sense that this is a “holy” day. No, that’s an understatement, A Divine day.

How do I know that?

Because it felt as if your entire body and the light body around it were filled with nothing but bliss. And even though I had just awakened and gotten up, I felt slightly drowsy. As if my mind and body were only half here.

I recognized that feeling from the past. I felt it the first time in Montenegro in May 2008 after I had returned from a pilgrimage to the Djurdjevic Mountain, and was on my way to meet Metropolitan (Archbishop) Amfilohije, then the Acting Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox church in Cetinje.

I was also peripherally aware that this was a special day. That had occurred to me when I was waking up. Because 7-15-2018 is #33 numerologically. And that means that the veil between us and the spirit realm was very thin. Why? Check this out BURN YOUR FEARS (https://wp.me/p1jFeo-1mT).


“33 is the Master Teacher. This individual’s focus is on reaching the world and uplifting the loving energy of mankind. They are not concerned with personal ambition, and have great devotion to cause.  Life Path number 33 is signified by the word altruistic. This number has a high energy and is concerned with doing good in the world. 

Angel number 33 is a number that symbolizes creativity. Angel Numbers can be presented to us through many aspects of our daily life. They are messages sent to us to from higher powers to provide us with spiritual guidance.”


Even before breakfast, my day started with an almost telepathic conversation with my longtime friend Nenad. He is currently vacationing with his family in Montenegro. So we have been texting each other every day.

The initial topic was rather mundane. Nenad had sent me some Google maps which depicted the exact same path I took yesterday on my hike-bike-hike ride guided with nothing but intuition (see BIKING TOUR OF BELGRADE, July 14). And then it involved into something quite esoteric in which Nenad and I were again practically finishing each other’s thoughts, and answering each each other’s questions before they were asked.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures Nenad has been sending me – Montenegro scenes which could have been Hawaii.


After we finished, still before breakfast, I was driven to open the sacred space this morning with a sacred fire – Frankincense, Palo Santo and Amazon Gold (from the rainforest in Peru).

Again, the drowsiness returned as if I were about to leave my body. When I opened my eyes, I saw something quite extraordinary: Vertical smoke rising from the fire straight as an arrow. I have never seen anything like that even though I have done hundreds of fire ceremonies.

“What does that mean?” my friend Nenad wondered after seeing these images.

“I means presence of the Holy Spirit,” I replied. “My spirit guides were acknowledging their receipt of my prayers and messages.”

I added that when I did such fire ceremonies in Hawaii, for example, which were almost always done outdoors, they did it by coloring the smoke blue. Like this…


And then, I was guided as if by invisible hand to this post from three years ago:


And then, the same invisible hand guided me to this musical story about love which I recorded and created in Nov 2013:



Hope you are also having a good Masters’ #33 Sunday.




3 Replies to “A “HOLY” MORNING”


    Spirit came to me today

    What synchronicity! I was resting this morning after a few too many glasses of wine in celebration of a friend’s birthday the previous night. When I found my self transported to the bridal chamber. If your familiar with ‘the chymical wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz’ you will know of what I’m talking of (http://soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/crc.htm)

    If not, it is a spiritual awaking where one is face to face with the divine, and in Sacred Union with one’s soul in the marriage of the masculine and feminine. It was truly beyond words and I felt deeply humbled.

    As in your post, which I read just after coming out of this transcended experience, I received today the feeling of ‘surrendering’ to the Great Spirit. I was visited during this experience by all of the archangels on high, as well as the Ascended Masters and various light beings.

    I found myself in a state of high emotional feeling. To be in the presence of such a realm, as one can imagine, was truly beyond words.

    It was then that I received the ‘gift’ in the form of ascended diamond light into my sacred heart, and it expanded out into all of my dimensions, past, present and future timelines: Mental, physical, spiritual and inter dimensional cosmic.

    I could feel this divine heart energy moving through my Akashic records and Healing the wounded trauma of past lives.

    Well, I felt compelled to share this experience with you. As I felt you had in your previous report. and had something of that feeling of surrendering to spirit.

    Wishing you all well in your return to your county of origin.

    Love Lincoln

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lincoln is an Instructor and Cinematographer at London Film Academy. He is also an ordained Inca shaman.

    1. Thank you for sharing that, Lincoln. That’s fascinating. And evidently a very powerful experience for you.

      May I add your comment to my story?

      Much love and blessings to both you and Nora.

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