Some of ALTZAR’s Past Lifetimes

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ALTZAR is my astral name. Through my own intuition, with the help of the Masters and Spirit guides with access to Akashic Records, I have learned that I am a ray of the original sun who has had thousands of important incarnations all over the universe. Such as that of a Rainbow Giver (gatekeeper of multidimensional portals) from Sirius B, the Dogon Star.

This attachment contains several dozen of some significant lifetimes I have had on Planet Earth over the millennia, along with six soul splits of the ALTZAR soul who are or have been incarnated with me in this lifetime.


“When I think of some of my past lifetimes, I feel like a tiny sliver of the ALTZAR soul.”

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ALTZAR Past Lifetimes 1-05-16 (PDF)



In December 2011, I had a fascinating channeling session with an ancient Egyptian spiritHeranus warrior-priest of Troy.JPG who ascended 3,500 years ago. Our discussion confirmed many of my intuitions… about my lifetime as Kephran Joseph Ptolemy, a friend and protector of Yeshua (Jesus). About my lifetime as Theseus, founder of Athens and several others.

Also, I learned that I was also a warrior-priest in Troy – Heranus – who fought Achilles to a draw, and later escaped Troy through secret tunnels to become eventually, one of the founders of Rome.

Here’s an excerpt from that channeling session transcript that deals with Troy and founding of Rome:

Channeling 12-16-11 Session Transcript – Pages 20-21


SOME RECENT FACES OF ALTZAR (my soul splits in the current lifetime)



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