Some of ALTZAR’s Past Lifetimes

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ALTZAR is my astral name. Through my own intuition, and with the help of the Masters and Spirit guides with access to Akashic Records, I have learned that I am a ray of the original sun who has had thousands, if not millions, of important incarnations all over the universe. Starting with being a Rainbow Giver (Multiverse Portal Keeper) on Sirius B, the Dogon star, a twin of the Dog Star – Sirius A.

This PDF attachment contains several dozen of some significant lifetimes I have had on Planet Earth over the millennia, along with six soul splits of the ALTZAR soul who are, or have been, incarnated with me in parallel lifetime.

ALTZAR Past Lifetimes 1-05-16 – Google Docs (PDF)


“When I think of some of my past lifetimes, I feel like a tiny sliver of the ALTZAR soul.”

Which is actually quite true. When advanced souls incarnate, especially considering their multiple simultaneous soul-split incarnations, each physical body uses only a small portion of Higher Self’s energy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.02.44 PM



During the two millennia starting with my apprenticing as a priest with Melchizedek in c. 2,000 BC, and until my last known Hebrew incarnation as Apostle Phillip (c. 80 AD), ALTZAR’s soul history had been closely intertwined with that of the original Israelites.

Which is why I am saddened to see what Israel has become in the last two millennia, and especially in the last seven decades. Enlightened souls understand that the point of incarnating is to clear the karma from one’s past lives, and/or to help other souls do it. It is not to add to one’s karma with some new transgressions which some Israelites are committing today.

Like that quote about the Bourbons (the rulers of France), attributed to Talleyrand, “they remember everything and learn nothing” (paraphrasing from French).

NOTE: Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord (1754–1838) was a French diplomat, who  worked successfully from the regime of Louis XVI, through the French Revolution and then under Napoleon I, Louis XVIII, Charles X, and Louis-Philippe.

So what adjective comes to mind for people like the Bourbons?

Actually, I could think of 49 of them – all synonyms of STUPID.

Except that unlike the Bourbons, who ruled France only for a couple of centuries, the Israelites have been repeating their karmic behavior for over four millennia.

I am at a loss to think of an adjective for something like that. 😦

Except to say that most of the current occupants of the land that calls itself Israel have little to do with the original Hebrews who used to live there so long ago. Most came from all over Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

NOTE: The Khazars, for example, were a multi-ethnic of mostly Turkic peoples who formed a semi-nomadic Khanate in the area extending from Eastern Europe to Central Asia.  They supposedly converted to Judaism circa 11th – 12th century AD. Prof. Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University published “The Invention of the Jewish People” in 2008. In that book, which became a bestseller and was translated into several languages, Sand argued that the “Jewish people” was an invention, forged out of myths and fictitious “history” to justify Jewish ownership of the Land of Israel (see


I know that from personal experiences, not just as ethereal theory. I played a part in creating this dark history. And then I had to clear some of that karma with the Phillip the Apostle and Kephran Joseph Ptolemy incarnations.

In most of my major Hebrew incarnations (with exception of Phillip the Apostle, and Kephran Joseph Ptolemy), I had acted as a Joshua archetype – a warrior who fought for freedom of his people. And who believed that he was doing “God’s work” in doing so.

Here are some of my Old Testament/Hebrew incarnations, going all the way back to Melchizedek and Abraham, some 4,000 years ago.

  • YAHEON (c. 2,000 BC, pronounced Ya-hon or Yay-hon) – The oldest one is that of Yaheon – a priest-disciple of Melchizedek. This revelation came to me during my Arizona Desert Quest 2013 This incarnation, as well as another one – Apostle Phillip – was confirmed in a channeling session on 6-05-2013.

Melchizedek or Malki Tzedek (/mɛl.ˈkɪz.ə.dɪk/[1]); Hebrew: מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶֿק malkīṣeḏeq) translated as “my king (is) righteous(ness)”) was a king and priest mentioned during the Abram narrative in the 14th chapter of the Book of GenesisIn Christianity, Jesus Christ is identified as a ‘priest forever’ in the order of Melchizedek. (see 

“You are aligning different dimensions of your Higher Self,” an ancient Egyptian spirit, who ascended about 3,500 years ago, told me in that channeling session. “You were one of the students of Melchizedek. Mount Moria is where the Temple was (the Temple Mount in Jerusalem) … where the priests of Melchizedek in ancient times carried out their practices.”  For more, see… Excerpts from AR Session 6-05-13 – Google Docs.

  • EPHRAIM, son of Joseph, c. 1,500 BC – At the time, Joseph was an incarnation of Jeshua. My mother (Asenath) was an incarnation of Mother Mary.  I (Ephraim) had a troubled relationship with my father (Joseph-Jeshua) who objected to Jacob’s, my grandfather, favoring me (Ephraim) over Manasseh, the eldest son of Joseph.

In classical rabbinical sources, Ephraim is described as being modest and not selfish. Which is why Jacob chose him over Manasseh to head the leading tribe.

Asenath was an Egyptian woman whom Pharaoh gave to Joseph as wife. She was  the daughter of Potipherah, a priest of On. Ephraim was born in Egypt before the arrival of the children of Israel from Canaan.

  • JOSHUA, c. 1,300 BC ­ – was charged by Moses with selecting and commanding a militia group for their first battle after exiting Egypt (Exodus 17:8­16), in which they were victorious. He later accompanied Moses when he ascended biblical Mount Sinai to commune with God, visualize God’s plan for the Israelite tabernacle and receive the Ten Commandments.

The first part of the book of Joshua covers the period when he led the conquest of Canaan. Later, God appointed Joshua to succeed Moses as leader of the Israelites along with giving him a blessing of invincibility during his lifetime (Joshua 1:5).

  • JOAB, commander of King David’s army, c. 1,000 BC. Joab killed Absalom, King David’s son, when Absalom rebelled against his father. He did it despite David’s plea for Joab to spare his son’s life. Joab considered King David to be too weak. 

The Jewish feast of Hanukkah (“Dedication” – festival of lights) commemorates the restoration of Jewish worship at the temple in Jerusalem in 164 BC. After Judah Maccabee removed the Hellenistic statuary, he purified the defiled Temple of Jerusalem,  and on the 25th of Kislev (Dec 14, 164 BC), Maccabee restored the service in the Temple.

In the early days of the rebellion, Judah received a surname Maccabee. One explanation is that the name derives from the Aramaicmaqqaba (“makebet” in modern Hebrew), “hammer” or “sledgehammer” (cf. the cognomen of Charles Martel, the 8th century Frankish leader), in recognition of Macabee’s ferocity in battle.



In December 2011, I had a fascinating channeling session with an ancient Egyptian spirit who ascended 3,500 years ago. Our discussion confirmed many of my intuitions… about my lifetime as Kephran Joseph Ptolemy, a friend and protector of Yeshua (Jesus). About my lifetime as Theseus, founder of Athens and several others.

  • THESEUS c. 1,500 to 1,400 BC ‑ founder and first king of Athens, son of Aethra, fathered by Aegeus and Poseidon, both of whom Aethra had slept with in one night (around 1,500 to 1,400 BC, though the exact dates are not known).

This revelation came to me while Elizabeth and I were standing high atop Acropolis in Athens, Greece in October 2011. I looked down and saw a temple I had never noticed before. Later, I found out it was the original Temple of Theseus, built circa 450 BC.

Thanks to the geomancy of the location (Acropolis, Athens), that sighting kicked off an extraordinary journey some 2,500 years back in history. Here’s an excerpt from a story I wrote about it on 11-11-11:

Fausta and Crispus: Like Phaedra and Hippolytus

This is story about forbidden passion, false accusation, rage, petulance, wrongful judgment, crime and punishment, remorse, atonement, resurrection… It is also a tale of infidelity of a queen, perfidy of a woman scorned, fury of a husband and father betrayed, chastity and innocence of a loyal son – all a result of competition and jealousy between two goddesses for affection of one human. If it sounds like a Greek tragedy, it is.  There are wheels within wheels of emotions and actions as humans struggle to balance passion and compassion. For more, see  Ancient Greek Tragedy Replayed in Trier, Pula, Maui –


  • Heranus, c. 1,100 BC ‑ Trojan warrior‑priest who fought Achilles to a draw to figure out his weakness (heel); also led stealth mission with King Priam into the Greek camp to retrieve Hector’s body after Achilles had killed Hector (~1,100 BC). Survived siege of Troy and escaped with other Trojan nobles to Tuscany. Became one of founders or Rome.


  • Kephran Joseph Ptolemy, son of Kephran Ptolemy and Ruth, c. 7‑8 BC, descended from Ptolemaic Dynasty, poet and scholar who mentored Jesus/Jeshua early in life and became his advocate and follower later in that lifetime. My mother Ruth was then an incarnation of the soul known as Paul the Venetian.

Also, I learned that I was also a warrior-priest in Troy – Heranus – who fought Achilles to a draw, and later escaped Troy through secret tunnels to become eventually, one of the founders of Rome.

  • Heranus, c. 1,100 BC ‑ Trojan warrior‑priest who fought Achilles to a draw to figure out his weakness (heel); also led stealth mission with King Priam into the Greek camp to retrieve Hector’s body after Achilles had killed Hector (~1,100 BC). Survived siege of Troy and escaped with other Trojan nobles to Tuscany. Became one of founders or Rome.

Here’s an excerpt from that channeling session transcript that deals with Troy and founding of Rome:

Channeling 12-16-11 Session Transcript – Pages 20-21 


  • APOSTLE PHILLIP, died 80 AD– one of 12 original Jeshua/Jesus’ apostles, usually mentioned as the fifth among Jesus’ disciples. a parallel incarnation to that of Kephran – c. 80 AD.

Following the resurrection of Jesus, Philip was sent with his sister Mariamne and Bartholomew to preach in GreecePhrygia, and Syria. Mariamne, by the way, is identified as Mary Magdalene by the Gnostics.

According to Acts of Philip, Philip converted the wife of the Roman proconsul of the city of Hierapolis (in today’s Turkey). This enraged the proconsul, who had Philip, Bartholomew, and Mariamne all tortured. Philip and Bartholomew were then crucified upside-down. But Philip continued preaching from his cross.

As a result of Philip’s preaching, the crowd released Bartholomew from his cross. But Philip insisted that they not release him, and he died on the cross.

I am not aware of any significant Hebrew incarnations after Phillip. Also see, A “BACH FOR PHILIP” REQUIEM –

SOME RECENT FACES OF ALTZAR (my soul splits in the current lifetime)



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